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Floral choices for Sandals Negril

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knows about the bouquet prices for Sandals. I know Couple uses Floral Fantasy and I found a bouquet that I liked on their website. Do they have the same policy for flowers as they do for photographers? I really didn't want to have just carnations, roses, or daisys. I wanted to have a choice. I got the wedding packet from my WC but it didn't have anything on flowers in it. It only had the flowers associated with the Preston Baily packages. One other quick question, what do you get with the al a carte pics? My WC told me that the only way you can get the negatives is if you order the packages. I know that some of you said that you can get them if you spend an extra $200. Any information would be helpful.





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Have you tried asking your WC which florist they use? There can't be that many in Negril, so maybe they use Floral Fantasy too and you can get the flowers you want from them, through Sandals. That's what I did. I found what I wanted on the website, but got them through Couples and paid the resort for the upgrade. Good luck! :)

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