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We ordered my dress!!!

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So Monday, my mom sent me an email and says," I was wondering how I was going to contribute to your special day and I would like to buy your dress. Please let me do this for you." Well I just broke into tears at my desk. It is the sweetest thing. I said from the start of this wedding business I was paying for my dress on my own seperate from the budget because I did not want to hear anyone's lip about how much it costs. I did not want to her to buy it for me, but I know that it means a lot to her to be able to give this to me as a gift....and it moved me to tears. we bought the dress on Thursday and it was gift card day so I earned a $600 saks gift card which will cover my alterations and then some. woot.gif My pics are out of focus so i am only posting a pic of the dress on the model for now. The countdown to October (estimated arrival date) begins....


elefant.gifI am so excited!!!!elefant.gif

Click the image to open in full size.

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It is beautiful! Your mom is such a sweetie!


When we bought my dress I was kinda freaking out. I said all along a dress that I would only wear once was not that important to me and swore I wouldn't spend over $500. Well, I saw my dress and it was nearly double that.


At the boutique my mom just siad you have to buy it, there are no more questions. When we got to the store she just burst into tears and told me that my Grandmother, who died 3 years ago this July, told her that she new she wouldn't make it to my see me get married but she wanted me to have whatever dress I wanted. She had set up a special account just for my wedding dress. It makes me cry every time I think about it.


We are both lucky to have such amazing, caring women in our lives!

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