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Kahalui Costco


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For those brides who have gone there to buy things for your OOT bags, did they have a decent selection of loval items? We'd like to fill our bags with local stuff (like Maui onion potato chips rather than Lay's chips). Any hints for those of us who will be visiting soon?

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I visited Maui last year (Nov 07) just to see what Maui is like before our BIG wedding (this fall). Yes...it was a long flight. Research baby!


Anyway, Costco and Walmart are located in Kahului. Do not over buy your stuff in Costco because Walmart is like next door across the street.


Remember, there are 2 super markets in Lahaina *(they not too far from Kaanapali) just in case you need anything else. Their prices are reasonable.


Believe it or not wine and liquor are pretty cheap in Maui for some odd reason.


Eggs and milk = cost more that the main land. Gas = same as the main land $$$!

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No problem. I sort of mapped out Maui when I was there last year for my guests.


ADDITIONAL FOOD OPTIONS: Old Lahaina Center Store Directory

The Old Lahaina Center is located right off the Honoapiilani Highway (main road between Lahaina & Kaanapali). Front Street is pretty cool during the evening (a lot of tourists though).


*(You make a left at the traffic light when you see the 'Subway' sandwich shop on your right). I missed it a couple of times.


McDonald's is located right across the street from the Lahaina Center just in case you need your coffee fix. There is also a NYC style pizza shop located across the street from McDonald's. hee hee...


KIHEI HAPPY HOUR: Five Palms Beach Grill

We decided to go with the Five Plams Grill for our after wedding lunch reception because it is located right by the beach (walk over afterward). According to my WC - they have an awesome view & super Happy Hour daily 2 pm - 6 pm.



Whalers Village (In Kaanapali)

It is like a mall with nice resturants and shops. This is also the place to park your car if you want to snorkel near the Black Rock (which is located by the Sheraton). The Hula Grill at the Whalers Village is nice but $$.


IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: (share it with your guests!)

When I flew to Maui last year (NYC to Honolulu to Kapalua), my flight was originally scheduled to fly into the Kapalua Airport but it was redirected to Kahului Aiport (OGG) instead. Relax.


The reason is because the Kapalua airport is a very small airport and it does not have any landing lights. In case this happens to you - don't worry about your rental car - you can still pick up your car at OGG even if your RSVP is for Kapalua. There will be a $50 drop off fee later per the OGG car rental staff. When you return your car to Japalua, just explain what happened & they should not charge you the $50 drop-off fee. That is what happened to me. If you are taking the last flight out from Kapalua, be sure to return the car in time. The last FREE airport shuttle is like a full 1 hr before the last flight out of Kapalua. You do not want to miss the last airport shuttle.

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