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Dreams Cancun - Questions for those married here!

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Hi Ladies,


Thanks for the responses to my last post. I have been reading through this forum and it definitely eases some of my worries that I previously had about going forward with this resort.


Does anyone know whether a dance floor is needed on the terrace for the reception? Also what did everyone do for music during the reception? How were the DJ services for those who purchased them? What did those of you do for music that did not have a DJ? Any helpful hints on timing of the ceremony, cocktail, and dinner and including time for pictures? Mine are currently scheduled back to back (3, 4 and 5 p.m.) I want to be sure to have enough time for pictures and I really do not want to do pictures before hand. Just not sure where pictures would fit in! If any previous brides could comment on this that would be great and very helpful!


Good luck to all of the brides getting married over this next week! I am looking forward to hearing your opinions and reviews on everything! 


Thanks so much ladies!

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I added you on FB! My name's Jenna...just so you know! ha

Originally Posted by mgl27 View Post

Hi Girls!!


I am back. Just arrived home late last night.  Will work on my review etc.  In the mean time, friend me on FB Meghan Leeming Nenninger.  I have tons of pics.  But let me say....


My wedding was everything I dreamed of and YES, we survived what was a hurricane category 2, then a category 1, then finally a tropical storm.  The nerves were about shot by my wedding day.  However, all but 7 guests (of 64) made it, I got my wedding gazebo, cocktail hour outside, and photos.  Only thing was moving the dinner and reception inside the club terrace. Still beautiful and perfect (a tad hot though).



Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts , I know you girls helped with that! :) 


Also, please be patient, those of you waiting on questions.  Honestly, after a the tropical storm, there was a lot a maintenance that had to get done, a lot of weddings still happening, but waiting to the last minute etc.  Give them a chance to respond.  I saw 5 weddings (besides my own) the week I was there.  They are busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But they are awesome!!!!!


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What kind of vendor? I was told that they do not charge for photographers....hope this is still the same!

Originally Posted by K Martinez78 View Post

Thanks :) I purchased the ultimate package. I blocked out 15 rooms. We tried to get preferred but it was all booked up already. I don't get it? I'm just going to see what happens? I just don't like how they seem to give everyone a different deal. I asked her about trading the photographer for something else and she said I only get $150 credit. Someone else got a $300. Then I asked how much for an outside vendor and she said $150. I read that someone else was told $100.


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Hhhmm...I guess that's probably another thing they've changed or decide on a case by case basis. I just checked my e-mails and it was in April that they stated their were no outside vendor charges...I'll have to make sure I print that off and bring it with me! Frustrating sometimes...

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