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Dreams Cancun - Questions for those married here!

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Originally Posted by kucka00 View Post
I could kiss you right now! Yup, come through the computer and kiss you!!!!
That is sooo awesome and cheap!!!! This might just solve all our problems!
Thanks so much for posting that site!!! Now, let's see what my FI thinks of the idea! :) LOL
LOL Sabina! They sent me a two for one coupon, but my wedding won't be until after it expires: Try this: Coupon Code WEDDING241

BTW... do you have an Olhausen pool table?!

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Originally Posted by kucka00 View Post
a what-a pool tablehuh.gif

Thanks again !!!!! I'm still torn. We'll see what price we get from our at home photographers.
I'll PM ya :)

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I am getting married at Dreams on 5/29 and I still haven't been able to reach Claudia for two weeks. Emails keep on getting bounced back with an error message. I know some of the brides are getting the same error. Are you girls calling her.


I am so nervous since we haven't really got to the details and signing the contract yet. I did confirm my date and made a deposit though. What to dohuh.gif.....


Oh, the price for the projector is $150 +10% tax.

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I hope everything will work out too. I just need to pick the flowers, the menu, set up my hair/ makeup, spa appoinmtents, renting the audio systems and basically signing the contract would assure me that things will get done.

I will be sure to post the pics. thanks girls

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Hey Girls,


Just wanted to let you know that I heard back from Claudia today. So remember how I said I kept getting error messages when I was emailing her, well apparently even though I got those messages I think all my emails still went through, so that must be why I got such a quick response, because she got my email 9 times, haha!


Anyway, claudia has chicken pox, so is answering emails from home. I'm just going to post all my questions with her answers, don't mind if some of the questions seem really dumb, I just wanted to clarify everything:


1. Can we get a chocolate cake, instead of vanilla? If not, we'll just take vanilla.


yes of course


2. We will be bringing decorations for the tables, but we may want to get more flowers for the tables, should I let you know before we come down what we would like or can I let you know when we arrive on the 16th?


Is better if you let me know in advance just in case you want exotic flowers that are ard to find. I will need to know at elast 1 month in advance


3. The package includes my hairstyling, can I just bring a picture of what I'd like my hair to look like or are there only certain things that they do


yes of course



Should I schedule my appointment now? I will also need an appointment for our daughter to have her hair done at the same time.


we can make appointments when date is closer at least 2 weeks in advacne


4. The lovebirds spa treatment, what does this include and should I schedule this now?


the treatment includes a swedish massage for 2 and for the bride a body scrub or european facial we can make appointments when date is closer at least 2 weeks in advacne


5. Would you like me to give you our cocktail hour & dinner selections now?


yes please find the options attached.

Or when we get there?


6. We do want the video included with the package




7. We DO NOT want the photo album or the photographer, one of claudia rodriguez's photographers will be photographing our wedding. How much of a credit will we get for this?


larger video



8. We would like the mariachi,(included in the package) to play during the cocktail hour





9. Is there a choice for the "natural floral table bouquet" for ceremony?

Could you send me pictures to choose from? Also, I'd like to have this bouquet moved to the reception table afterwards





10. we will only need one boutonierre & one corsage, do you have pictures of the corsage choices? Could you please send them to me? Will we get a credit for the other two that we do not need and how much?


yes I will send you the corsages & boutonieres in another e-mail


instead of the bouttoniere & cosage additional I can give you 1 bridesmaid bouquet


11. We will use the gazebo


12. What is the "upgraded bridal bouquet" are they different then the pictures in the bouquet file?


no they are the same


13. What is the natural floral centerpiece for the brides table? Do you have pictures you can send?


pictures attached


14. What is the "additional decoration for the ceremony"? Do you have pictures?


the additional decoration included is: ceremonial table, chairs with white covers, tiki torches, any other decoration will be additional price


15. What colors do you have for chair bows?


chair bows is additional price and we have different colours, what are your colours??


16. This is the timeline I would like for everything:

4:00 - 4:30 ceremony

4:30 - 5:00 some group pictures

5:00 - 6:00 cocktail hour

6:30 - 10:00 dinner/reception




Is this okay?


17. Do we need to pay for a pass for our photographer for the day? How much is it?


I know this supplier there will be no charge for them.



18. For the reception I would like to do just one big table, we think we will have 18-20 guests, approximately. But instead of doing just one long table, could we make the table more like a big square, with chairs all around, so all of the guests will be able to see each other? Does that make sense? I can send you a picture of what I mean if you need me to, in other words its a big square, with a hole in the middle of the square. (there

doesn't have to be a hole, thats just the picture I saw that I liked) Let

me know if this doesn't make sense.


yes we can do that


19. We will either be bringing and IPOD or CD's with music, we may bring our own speaker system and microphone, but I will let you know if we will need dreams sound system.



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Thanks for the update Jilly! I am glad to have answers to some of those questions myself.


Poor poor Claudia... they say chicken pox are worse as an adult. I had them in my teens and they were horrid! I even had them under my tongue, in my ears... everywhere! I cannot imagine what she is going through.


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Okay ladies, here are the responses I was waiting for:


How much would the credit be for the photography as you mentioned in the previous email?

upgrade to package 2 of photography

(Hmmm... I said I didn't want photography as I am having an outside vendor)


I have some ideas on flower arrangements and bouquets as well, do you think your florist could arrange them at the same cost as the package inclusions? They are simple arrangements.

the picture of flowers we can do them at no additional cost for your bouquet


I think my colours will be orange, like mango calla lilies. I attached a calla bouquet, but I would like richer oranges like the photo named 'flowers'. Square vases like on the long table picture.

the calla lilies bouquet picture you sent will be additional cost

(I guess I wanted the square vases on the table, like the picture I sent her, she didn't comment on that, my wording was off)


We would not want flowers at the gazebo.



For the dinner, the hours are between 5:30-8:30pm. Is there an extra charge to stay until 10 or 11pm?

yes additioanl fee of $ 10 usd + 15% service + 10% tax per person



Do you have any other chair options? I will attach a sample.

we don´t have othe chair options sorry.

I do like the square top ones you sent in the Club Terrace picture with the long table.


Do we have the ability to customize a cake? Still very simple design. I did not see chocolate on your list. Would there be an extra charge?

please find cake options attached, chocolate is an option


I think we would like the mariachi trio or a solo guitarist for before the ceremony, during seating, for the bride walk and recessional as well.

the solo guitar player will be very nice

Would you recommend this since it is a windy area? We will have the sound system. Do you have a list of wedding music they can play?

that´s why we reccomend the sound system, I don´t have a list of his songs but I will ask


What time time can we reherse on Friday prior to the wedding?

sometime in the afternoon maybe 5 or 6 pm


We would like to go from there to a welcome dinner.

ok just consider that we do not take reservations in our restaurants

( I am confused be she told me it would be a $10 charge per person...)


Which restaurants would have the charge listed below and which do not?

all of them except himitus, but we can´t accomodate large groups there.Would we be able to reserve an area for dinner for our guests on the Friday before the wedding?


$ 10 usd charge per person in some of our restaurants, this will depend on the number of your guests


how many people??.


Do you allow for outside bands?



Can we use sparklers during the reception?



Can we throw flower petals when leaving the wedding gazebo



Would it be too cold at that time of year to have the dinner on the Club Terrace?


Is there a maximum amount of guests that can be seated there?

yes 50 people maximum


If we have the dinner there, where would you recommend we have the cockatil setup?

inside the club or at the garden


I am enclosing some photos as well.

Please let me know if you would like me to call you sometime so we can discuss, or if email is easier for you.

Unfortunately I´m not at the office, I´ve been ill and working from home, maybe i´ll be in the office in a cople of weeks.


That's it! I think I will try calling her in a couple of weeks to clear up some of my questions.

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First of all, it doesn't seem like she answers the questions very well, maybe she's delirious from the chicken pox.


Second, a couple of weeks she'll be back!!! Ummm, I know a couple of girls on this forum are getting married there within the next few weeks, does she still have that assistant!?!!?

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