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Alison's Food Cabo Review

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Next up is food:


Mi Casa Restaurant (A+) We had our Friday night welcome dinner here, and it was a perfect spot. The decor is over the top Mexican, but in a fun way. The guests really enjoyed the ambiance. I also had 8 kids with me, and the staff kept them entertained through the whole meal. They brought over birds, balloons, etc. Most importantly the food was great and reasonably priced. We couldn't have been happier. Mauricio, who worked with us, was great!

Mauricio Bogantes A.

Mi Casa Group



Hilton Wedding Dinner (B) The food was never my main reason for choosing the Hilton. It is good, but not great. I would have given them a higher rating however, but the appetizers that we picked were not the ones that were served! Ths salad course was my favorite. We chose the corn, tomato, artichoke salad, and it was delicious.


Hilton Brunch (A) We had a private buffet brunch the next morning, which was very yummy. There was the usual breakfast fare, plus a large assortment of muffins, pastries, and bread. We also had a bloody mary and mimosa station. I hadn't really eaten much the night of the wedding, so I really appreciated this breakfast!


Some other non-related wedding reviews:


Melía Cabo Real food (B-) Some of the guests stayed here since it is an All-Inclusive and right next door to the Hilton. The food was mediocre at best. Some of the entrees were hit and miss. I ate there once at the nicest restaurant and ordered the Sea Bass. It was just unseasoned fish drowing in olive oil - not pleasant!


Los Deseos in Cabo San Lucas (A+) I went here with some friends, and it was very yummy. We had an appetizer of flaming cheese with tequila that was excellent. This place is located on the harbor right next to the Tequila Museum


Hilton Sushi Bar (A) This is actually the best place to eat at the Hilton in my opinion. The sushi, ceviche, and other dishes are fresh and delicious. Plus, the staff here is so fun because they are serving all the drinkers by the pool, and they love to joke around.

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