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Help! Just found my bday gift...


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I just found my birthday gift from Sean and now I don't know what to do. I'm sure he is planning on giving it to me at my family birthday dinner tonight.... so should I act surprised or admit to him ahead of time I found it?


I feel so bad! I know he was really excited about it... but it was totally an accident. We are packing up the house to move on Sunday, but my sis' graduation is tomorrow, so we are trying to get everything done today. He is out running some last minute errands and I was continuing to pack up our room.... so I was just about finished with our room and starting packing his video game stuff (half is up in our room and half is done in the living room). Well to keep it all in one box, I went downstairs to the video game cabinet to finish and saw a target bag. My first thought was, so what game did he buy now... so I opened the bag... but instead of a game, there is the cute pink camera I have been wanting!


So what do I do? I hate lying to him... but I hate ruining his surprise. He has the worse luck in trying to surprise me... for example:


One of our mutual friends ruined my Christmas present (it was a spa day... but for x-mas i just got a card and it told me to reserve a day for a special treat... but before the day came the friend asked how I enjoyed my day at the spa).


And my grandma almost spilled the beans on his proposal. (He went to ask her permission as we are really close... and was going to ask my parents the next day because my mom had always said she didn't want to know until the day of because she was afraid she would spill the beans. Well my gma misunderstood and called my mom asking if she was excited about the surprise... which my mom was clueless about. So once my gma realized she made a mistake she refused to tell my mom anything, and said sean would explain. Well I was at my parents house so my mom comes out and asks... so what is this suprise of yours and seans? I had no idea what she was talking about, but she didn't beleive me. Luckily I was completely oblivious and didn't put two-and-two together.)


So anyways... what would you do? Tell him the truth before dinner tonight? Or play dumb, let him have his fun, and tell him sometime down the road?

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oh wow! i have no good advice! on one hand, if you tell him, he will be upset that the surprise was ruined and mad at himself for not hiding it better. on the other hadn, if you pretend you're surprised and tell him later, he might get upset that you didnt let him know.


i think this might be one of those situations where a little white fib wont hurt. i would keep it to myself, and then when you open it, you will have true feelings of excitement and happiness about the gift, so i think that will cover the surprise part. i mean, it's not like you'd have to act excited! that's a cool gift! i think it would be the nicest way to let the situation happen.

keep us posted!

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