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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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#4341 stylishmeNC

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    Posted 21 June 2011 - 10:01 AM

    Ooh... if its long, I would also pass. We are not religious and want everything to just be short, sweet, and to the point so we can get to the good stuff... the party! :)

    #4342 cdlillad

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      Posted 21 June 2011 - 01:35 PM

      fraggle42 - I got the bride's bouquet and groom's boutiniere that are included in the package (I had Remember package, but I think they're mostly the same).  They were orange lillies, orange gerber daisies, and little white flowers (I have to look up what they are called).  I'm sure these flowers come in many colors.  There are probably other flowers you can choose from.  I think roses are also an option.  We bought orange rose petals for the flower girl.  You can tell your wedding coordinator what colors you are looking for and ask her which flowers are included in the package.

      #4343 Sunshine2680

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        Posted 21 June 2011 - 05:10 PM

        Oh good! Glad to hear that! My flowers are going to be a bit particular so i want to make sure they'll be able to get them. I spoke to a florist in Playa Del Carmen and sent a picture of what I want and they replied that it shouldnt be a problem at all. So if they can get it - I'm sure the hotel can too. I'll just be sure to send her the pictures well ahead of time!


        Originally Posted by cdlillad 

        Hi Sunshine,

        I have over 1000 photos, because we brought our friend to take photos too.  So I'm selecting the best ones to post on facebook or somewhere and I can link to it here. 

        About the flowers, your wedding coordinator can order any type of flowers you want, she just needs to know in advance.  So I don't think you should order from outside the resort.  I think she said that all the flowers come from Mexico City, which makes sense because I've seen the beautiful flower market in Xochimilco (near Mexico City).  You may want to get your coordinator's recommendation on which flowers are included in your package.  Because they have beautiful flowers, we just don't know which ones are considered "local tropical flowers".  I tried to do research on what are local Mexico flowers before I got there, that's when I decided on orange dahlias because dahlias are the traditional Mexican flower.  Then I meet with Jazmin and she said dahlias are not local flowers.  So you can imagine my confusion.


        #4344 Mellisay123

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          Posted 22 June 2011 - 06:23 AM



          Love Love Love this site and 95% set on GBP for my wedding in Nov 2012.  Just playing the waiting game now as the Nov 2012 holidays arent out at the TA yet :-(


          Have no idea yet how many guests we will be having but i think around the 20 mark and wondered if anyone could knew the options of the receptions.  Planning an afternoon wedding and then meal but what happens after that? Im guessing theres options to hire a DJ etc but we are planning on having a big AHR and wanted to do most of the dancing then and wanted a more low key simple yet romantic wedding day?


          Congratulations to all who have just been married and to those planning :-) x

          #4345 fraggle42

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            Posted 22 June 2011 - 09:50 AM

            Hi Mellisay123,


            SNAP...we are planning for Nov 2012 and cannot book yet. Im am getting impatient now and just really want to get it booked. Plus we have sent invites out but a lot of our guests cannot confirm until they know the exact price. We have about 22 confirmed as definites so far. I just can't wait! Happy planning!


            Thanks for the response cdlillad, I have no worries now about them having the flowers i want.


            For those who have had their receptions at the brazilian restaurant. Do you pick a menu because it seems that it is set out already. And do you have a dessert for the guests and a wedding cake or do you have to pick one or the other. What are the wedding cakes like? Also can you take a CD/IPOD of your own music to play during the meal?

            #4346 crystalz

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              Posted 23 June 2011 - 11:23 AM

              Andrea2006- I am staying at the Akumal and booked for 10 days. Oct 28- Nov 7. what we did was our travel agent booked us for 10 nights "land only" price which she got $1129.00 per person flat rate no taxes. then my fiance and I went online and look for a flight seperatly as our tour operator would only book 7 nights and 14 nights... So we booked through contintental airlines online and our flight is Leaving vancouver Oct 27 at 7:15pm arrive in SanFran @ 925pm leave there at 12:05am arrive in Houston @ 5:51am leave there @ 9am arrive in Cancun @ 11:15am Oct 28. LOL gonna be a long night! Then on the way back we only stop in houston and get to vancouver late nov 7th. We ended up paying only $1663.00 CAD for both of us together when it was listed as $1890 USD. woooo!

              Originally Posted by andrea2006 

              This is a great forum, I have read a lot of great tips on here so far.  I am really trying to book my wedding at this resort for Feb/March 2012 but things aren't going as planned.  I was hoping to go for about 10 days but the flights aren't very good for 10 day trips, it seems in order to get good flights you need to book the 7 day trips.  I was wondering how long previous brides had gone down for their wedding?  I am just worried that 7 days won't be long enough to enjoy the wedding and a honeymoon plus the time with guests.  My fiancee was worried that 10 days is too much, since all our previous trips have only been 7 days, but I just think we have so much more to do when this trip is for our wedding.  



              #4347 crystalz

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                Posted 23 June 2011 - 11:36 AM

                whoa whoa whoa CDLILLAD--- First of all, you looked gorgeous!! happy it didnt rain for you :) BUT the video... what the flip, I was told it was going to cost me $400.00 for a 25min DVD of the ceremony........ Is this not true anymore??!!

                Originally Posted by cdlillad 

                Oh I forgot to mention that I got my hair and makeup from Sara Tamargo. Thanks to her my makeup stayed on, even with all that sweating.  She sprayed something on my face before applying the makeup and after applying the makeup.  I guess that was magic spray, because even after all the napkin blotting the makeup stayed great.  Also my hair stayed in place.  I'm glad I put my hair up because of how hot and humid it was outside.  And let me just say that I am from Houston, so I am not new to heat and humidity. But honestly I stay inside with A/C a lot in Houston in the summer.


                DAY PASSES - I paid a fortune in day passes.  I never mentioned my hair and makeup ladies to Jazmin.  The day of the wedding I was waiting in the Tulum lobby for Sara Tamargo and her hair stylist friend.  Then I get a text from my mom that I need to call Jazmin.  Sara Tamargo was not allowed into the security gate unless I got her and the hair stylist each day passes.  So there went $180.  For the DJs, I arranged in advance a day pass for DJ Julian.  Later DJ Julian had to come talk to us because the resort wanted us to also pay day passes for each of the 2 people Julian brought to assist him in setting up the dance floor, etc.  My husband managed to negotiate with Jazmin to only pay for 2 passes $180 for the DJs instead of for all 3 of them.  SIGH. I could do without all of that hassle.  It just stressed me out more.


                #4348 KRama

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                  Posted 23 June 2011 - 11:57 AM

                  If you were quoted $400 just let them know and they'll honor that price. That's what they did for us anyways!

                  Originally Posted by crystalz 

                  whoa whoa whoa CDLILLAD--- First of all, you looked gorgeous!! happy it didnt rain for you :) BUT the video... what the flip, I was told it was going to cost me $400.00 for a 25min DVD of the ceremony........ Is this not true anymore??!!



                  #4349 crystalz

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                    Posted 23 June 2011 - 01:55 PM

                    oh awesome! thanks!

                    Originally Posted by KRama 

                    If you were quoted $400 just let them know and they'll honor that price. That's what they did for us anyways!



                    #4350 Tanya-Karolina

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                      Posted 24 June 2011 - 05:47 PM

                      Sunshine 2680 , I was going to ask you what florist are you using in Play Del Carmen? I was thinking about using an outside vendor for my flowers also, because the prices I was quoted at the hotel were a little bit high for me. Were you offered reasonable price in Playa? could you please send to me the info about that florist? thank you so much beforehand!


                      Also if somebody knows any place I could buy just loose flowers, like 100 roses , I was also thinking about making the bouquets for bridesmaids myself, I would appreciate the information!

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