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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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#4151 KRama

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    Posted 28 April 2011 - 08:26 AM

    I wouldn't worry about it Sunshine. Certain tour operators have contracts with certain sections of the resort. It sounds like First Choice (for the UK folks) has a new contract and only offer Akumal now. I think this is rare and you shouldn't have a problem with this.


    Who are you booked through? I had booked through Air Canada Vacations, they have different price points for Coba, Akumal and Tulum and we chose Coba. There was no issue regarding switching sections at all.

    Originally Posted by Sunshine2680 

    HI Ladies- reading a lot about people being moved to Akumal over their original bookings with Coba and/or Tulum
    What is up with this? Do you not get to stay at the hotel you booked at? I dont understand this whole 'First Choice'

    deal -?
    We've booked for Tulum for Nov 2012 - does this mean closer to the date I shoudnt be surprised if they try to move us?


    #4152 sposa

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      Posted 28 April 2011 - 08:50 AM


      When you do your meeting with the WC the first day you are there,you can decide to bring your witnesses along or not.We didnt since our guests they were keen to go and explore the place plus we didnt want to spoil some surprises we had regarding our ceremonies,etc.We only took their passports to be copied.

      In the same way,we didnt have a rehersal dinner but the last night we wanted the whole group to be together in one big table at the buffet(the coba one is the best) and I saw the restaurant manager that morning and he arranged a nice table on a quiet corner and we all had a lovely time.

      Anything you think you want just ask,the standard of the service in that hotel is really high and they pay special attention to the bride/groom and guests.

      Good luck!!

      #4153 sunnyee

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        Posted 28 April 2011 - 10:40 AM

        Give everything to your WC at your meeting.



        Originally Posted by melmed 

        Hello ladies!


        About 3 weeks to go until I head down to the Riviera Maya. I just had a question about what I should do with my reception/ceremony decor, favors, guest book.  Do we give those things to the WC on the day of the ceremony or give it to her beforehand?


        Thanks in advance!


        #4154 Sunshine2680

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          Posted 28 April 2011 - 11:17 AM

          Hiya KRama- ok - thanks! phew - i was a bit worried there - i didnt think it was so common to move people around the resorts

          We're booked through Sunquest - I told my TA to try and book through them as I really don't like Air Canada (no offense

          I wouldn't worry about it Sunshine. Certain tour operators have contracts with certain sections of the resort. It sounds like First Choice (for the UK folks) has a new contract and only offer Akumal now. I think this is rare and you shouldn't have a problem with this.


          Who are you booked through? I had booked through Air Canada Vacations, they have different price points for Coba, Akumal and Tulum and we chose Coba. There was no issue regarding switching sections at all.



          #4155 futurewifey2011

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            Posted 29 April 2011 - 10:02 AM

            Thanks ladies for the info! I always know I can't count on you for answers long before I hear from Maria. So jealous of you girls that get Karla back. We leave 4 weeks from Monday and I can't wait! We are really getting excited!

            #4156 linzip82

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              Posted 29 April 2011 - 01:17 PM



              I had been dealing with Karla at the start since we booked in April 2010 and she replied straight away to any email I sent.  Then after a while I got no replies whatsoever and took a good few months for Maria to then respond to an email which was 14 weeks ago now.  So I was suprised when Karla emailed me the other day.  She stated that even though we have been booked into Akumel now, she will still be our WC so not to worry. 


              I have emailed her back stating that she told us we were staying in Coba originally but as yet she has not replied to that.  We had only been given restaurant options in Coba for our wedding dinner and had previously chosen Portofino last year, I had however asked if we could have it in the Brazilian restaurant instead as I have read so many good reviews on trip advisor about it, Karla said she is looking into this for me.


              I have been trying not to stress about things, but its like you said, when you have been told your staying in one hotel and then it changes its a little frustrating.  I have also asked her to confirm if our whole party of 21 are staying in the same hotel.  Some of our party are travelling with Thomas Cook airlines and they have been confirmed as Tulum Hacienda / Coba by the airline so I really hope we can all be close by.


              Im not too worried about it to be honest.  My Dad passed away suddenly 5 weeks ago so the wedding has been put to the back of my mind for some time now.  Im looking forward to getting away on holiday, but I think the wedding day will be even more emotional now that Dad wont be there.  It was emotional enough today watching the royal wedding never mind my own.


              Hopefully Karla will be back to stay and responds to future brides more efficiently. 


              Ive heard people on here mention that the salons are not too good in the resort for wedding hair, are all 3 salons the same or is 1 better than the rest?


              Does anyone know of a good make up that wont drip off in the heat?






              Originally Posted by Danibunny 


              Omg Karla is back??!! whats going on??

              I had Karla originally and found out through here that she had left. I now Have Maria.


              I would LOVE  to have Karla back she was great at responding and sending info etc..(fingers crossed i do to) Maria to be honest hasn't been as great in responding quickly -but she does seem very sweet and I'm sure will be great also-but you kinda get comfortable communicating with someone at those early stages and i was upset to lose Karla.


              I was confirmed in Coba by Karla but after Paloma confirmed Karla had left and passed me Maria  etc.. she informed to check with my tour operator which hotel we were in as we may be in Akumal, i emailed her back saying we were confirmed in Coba and forwarded the confirmation from Karla which i had received-

              Paloma then informed me that 'First Choice' are contracted to Akumal as of MAY 2011 Irrelevant as we have this booked since May 2010, anyway long story short- First choice emailed Paloma confirming our request of Akumal and 'okaying' it etc.. so i had thought it was all sorted then a few days ago Maria emailed to say we are Akumal?? I replied immediately questing this and expressed i was upset and concerned as it was understanding i had all been sorted and that all my ringing and emailing around had been a waste of my time.

              Haven't heard anything back-Surprise!

              So also emailed Paloma who responded almost immediately telling we she had Previously  passed on my request to reservations and that maybe we are still in system as Akumal and she would get back to me etc..

              Since then i have researched Akumal more and honestly do think it's just as Great so I've since had a word with myself not to get upset ,

              i know from our previous holiday to here the whole resort is amazing but we stayed Coba club Premier last time and loved it so we got comfortable knowing we were to be in the same area.


              I'm sure you will love Akumal as much as Coba The whole place is great but I'm with you with how annoying it is when things change this close to going- If your anything like me i like to know in my head everything so it's hard when i dont know whats going on lol :0)


              I just cant believe Karla is back- Whats going on?!  Maybe i will get an email too :0)


              D xx


              #4157 Danibunny

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                Posted 30 April 2011 - 10:00 AM

                Hi Linzi,

                So sorry to hear you sadly lost your Dad, 


                I'm sure Karla can arrange your Meal at the Brazilian- however Potofino is great too! we have booked the Italian Portofino as this was our favorite when we were there a few years ago so for us it was an easy choice.


                Maria has emailed me to say she is sorting out with Reservations for my group to be staying at Coba so looks like my original request will be met after all- Which is great given i had already booked Coba spa on wedding day for treatments and hair etc...and we have Potofino booked which is within the Coba area!


                Also it was mentioned to me last year with Karla that sending the room list would ensure my group would be allocated in the same area as i too have Friends and family booking with Thomas cook and flying out on different days etc.. so my understanding is we will be allocated same hotel?!


                I too have read mixed reviews regarding spa's services especially hair! it seems a lot say there hair was nothing like the images they showed etc.. so i have actually started to think 'shall i do my own hair?'-at least that way if it doesn't hold i haven't forked out at lot and wont be as disappointed- My 'Look' is fairly relaxed anyway and with being married at beach (akumal hammock) I'm expecting a breeze so know my hair will probably blow about etc.. was planning on having it loosely styled' up' but may try a few out myself- I have purchased a tresemee Hairspray which is 24hr humidity proof it's supposed to be very good without setting your hair like concrete lol but i guess we shall see -

                All else fails I'll wear my hair down with a flower -I'm very laid back with how i plan to have my hair and make up,  I'm defo going for a 'beach bride' look,

                I certainly dont want to be stressing about my hair and Make up (hopefully have a nice base tan by then and i'll be happy with that lol)


                I'm sure everything will be perfect with your wedding Linzi as I'm sure you Dad will be smiling down very proud of you on your special day,


                Best wishes xx

                #4158 Jemma

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                  Posted 30 April 2011 - 10:13 AM

                  Hi cdlillad,

                   sorry about the delay, my email is

                  Tara - Your pictures are just gorgeous.  Did you have to pay extra for the photographer to take pictures at your reception?  Also, where did you get those cute starfish necklaces for the bridesmaids?


                  jody11 and Jemma - What is your email address? I can send you the catalog of flowers.  But honestly it's not very helpful.  You are better off showing your wedding coordinator a picture of what you want and they can replicate it.


                  Jemma - Have you set a date and location with Paloma yet?  Once you set the date and location, she will assign you a wedding coordinator.  Which email address are you sending to?


                  #4159 Jemma

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                    Posted 30 April 2011 - 10:38 AM



                    No I've only had written  confirmation of the wedding from First choice so far.....been emailing GBP but no replies as yet?? :-(

                    Originally Posted by sposa 

                    Jemma if you have some previous email from karla telling you something i would get into the phone and see if you get hold of paloma.i think lots of us got caught int the middle of Karla leaving and maria taking over.also if you booked through and agency back home get them to email them as well.

                    Its true that sometimes the hotel have the last word anyway.

                    nowmthe all complex is really nice and you can use the facilities of any.The coba seems more private since most of the people tend to walk to beach in the morning and spend the day in there.For us the sun was a bit too much and we enjoyed the pools.The rooms seem to be all the same.

                    Good luck!!


                    #4160 sposa

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                      Posted 30 April 2011 - 11:35 AM


                      sorry about your dad,unfortunately I went through the same.my dad suffered cancer for a while and the doctors were very positive all the way unitl after xmas that he suddenly got worse and worse and he died 8 weeks before our wedding.

                      We decided to go ahead with everything and all our families were there to support us.I completely understand you when you say the wedding has gone to the back of your head at the moment.

                      There were moments during the holiday and even the wedding day were I felt sad but there were many many other were you feel really happy,specially surronded by the people you love and you will feel your dad close to you in spirit as well. 

                      I hope your enjoy your holiday the best you can and we will all be waiting anxiously for your review.

                      All the best


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