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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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#4061 Sunshine2680

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    Posted 15 April 2011 - 09:05 AM

    I believe you have to bring your own

    which is probably best anyway as you can have the exact colors of sand you want


    Originally Posted by kristi11 

    Is anyone or has anyone done a sand ceremony??? Do they have sand sets there or do you need to bring your own???


    #4062 Sunshine2680

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      Posted 15 April 2011 - 09:06 AM

      Not sure about websites in the UK

      but founds ALOT of sand ceremony sets at sandsationalsparkle.com


      Originally Posted by Danibunny 

      Not long now just over 5 weeks till we fly out excited is an understatement!!


      Had my dress fitting today a few little tweaks and all done yey! i have two dresses my main dress which i will wear fro ceremony and photos and one which i am i going to change into  for meal and evening-and then i will re- wear my main dress back home for our Reception :0)


      Really wanting to do the sand ceremony but been finding a set in the uk actually very difficult does anyone know anywhere or any good sites ??


      just to confirm the hair trial included in the 'Blissful love' package is just a consultation to discuss hair fort he day not a 'practice run' i have had my appointments booked a while now and have a clarification form spa who seem lovely and really helpful wedding hair is $85 quite pricey especially for the style i am having but hey ho it's my wedding day :0) x x  x


      #4063 crystalz

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        Posted 15 April 2011 - 11:04 AM

        oooh ok i'll be sure to check it out!!! thanks a bunch!!

        Originally Posted by Sunshine2680 

        yay! Sounds like we have a review or two coming our way - hopefully with some pics!

        Crystlz - I found a wicked website that has SO many things to buy! ive already got about $100 worth of stuff! and I remember there being some really cute cake

        toppers too



        i think another bride posted this - but ya - TONNES of cute stuff on there!


        #4064 crystalz

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          Posted 15 April 2011 - 11:09 AM

          Megz- for our wedding, we are just choosing one of the bars to meet at and have some drinks to fill in our time, its free cuz your just taking advantage of the all inclusive! After the ceremony and champagne toast, i'm having all my guests meet at the beach bar for drinks while we do photos, then by that time it's time for dinner (our ceremony is at 3 and was told the ceremony, signing amd toast will take me til almost 4ish) then after dinner til the disco opens were all going to the piano bar (ya they have one!! woo) for drinks til the disco opens. just an idea! congrats and good luck!


          Originally Posted by Megz 



          I just booked me wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum, and I have some questions, and am looking for some advice.

          We are getting married December 8th, 2011 (date has been confirmed with the wedding planner).


          The wedding is set for the palapas beach location for 2pm. I was hoping for some advice on how the rest of the afternoon should go after the ceremony. I want to have a reception for a few hours, but not till a bit later in the evening.


          I am assuming the wedding with take half an hour, then probably photos for an hour.... We are getting the unforgettable package, which I think includes a dinner... and then I would like a reception after that. How would you fill the time between the photos and the dinner/reception?


          Any other advice would be extremely appreciated!!!


          #4065 Wcook

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            Posted 15 April 2011 - 11:21 AM

            Laidea I was wondering if anyone knew how much fabris is needed for the hammock location to go up and across the beams and back down? 

            #4066 Sunshine2680

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              Posted 15 April 2011 - 11:33 AM


              Whats this hammock location everyone speaks of ? does anyone have pics? I thought the only choices for ceremony outside was at the gazebo or down  on the beach by the palapas?

              #4067 cdlillad

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                Posted 16 April 2011 - 02:53 PM

                crystalz - I bought this cake topper from amazon.

                Cake Topper


                sunshine 2680 - Below is a picture of Akumal hammocks location:

                Akumal Hammocks location

                #4068 crystalz

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                  Posted 16 April 2011 - 07:15 PM

                  cdlillad- that is a freakin adorable cake topper! and funny cuz my fiance is wearing that exact outfit! lol


                  Wcook- i remember seeing somewhere on this thread that this one bride brought 12-13 yards of fabric but it didn't touch the ground. I'm bringing 15 yards down just in case, and if there is extra their just gonna make bows for the chairs out of it :)

                  #4069 waybuloo

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                    Posted 17 April 2011 - 09:16 AM

                    Just over 5 weeks for us too!!!!!  Sooooooe excited!!


                    I just found that out about the Blissful love package only being a consultation, a bit annoyed really as it clearly says in my documents from First Choice....'Free trial hairstlye for the bride'.....not free consultation.


                    We are doing a sand ceremony.....have written the words out myself from bits & pieces off of the internet & Jazmin has said she will read out for us.  We are lucky in that my cousin lives in LA so I I have ordered a set to go to them & they will bring down to Mexico for us.


                    I wonder how babyshaws is getting on!!  Can't wait to hear all about her wedding.......come on ladies we want reviews!! :) :)

                    #4070 Danibunny

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                      Posted 18 April 2011 - 02:37 AM

                      Waybuloo- I know i bet Babyshaws is having an amazing time :0)-not long for us now either! 


                      Lucky that you have a cousin in LA to send the sand ceremony kit to-good thinking - i have seen a few options around Ikea is surprisingly good for the vase's so think i'll be able to DIY a kit form a few different sources- however the future husband is constantly reminding how much we are already taking so we will see :0} doesn't help that i'm taking two dresses lol!!


                      Yes it is disappointing about the 'Blissful love' package stating free hair styling-when in fact it a consultation-glad i found out when i did as i quickly realised and did not have my heart set on a 'practice run' think it also helps that my 'look' is fairly relaxed- in terms of how i want my hair and make up there are the two things if i'm completely honest i have not spent much time mulling over i know i dont want my hair 'perfect' looking as in not a strand out of place-would just be impossible on the beach with a breeze! and my make-up i'm hoping to have a natural glow with the Mexico suntan i hopefully will develop with the week and 2 days b4 wedding lol,


                      Having said that my dress is still dressy and the FH is wearing beige suit and Grooms men wearing suit trousers and white shirts so still fairly formal -but beach worthy lol 

                      ooooooooooooo exciting xx


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