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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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#3871 jody11

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    Posted 10 March 2011 - 06:24 PM

    hello i am new to this fourm we are getting married at the akumal in Nov and reading alot about these private parties and such...we have booked the unforgetable package...and i belive it palmoa will be our cordinator...anyone have any views..and i am seeing that some of you have price list for extra's could anyone pm to me...that would be great... and where on the beach is the site for the weddings at the akumal... thanks very much 

    #3872 jody11

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      Posted 10 March 2011 - 06:42 PM

      well hello i am new to this site...my wedding is in Nov of this year booked at the akumal golden section with air transat...we took the unforgettable package offered...i was wondering if anyone has delt with palmao and what there thoughts...also if anyone has this price list with the extras if they could send that to me please that would be great...and any other advise anyone can give me would be great...




      #3873 Cdunn514

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        Posted 11 March 2011 - 10:04 AM

        Kristi11- I am getting married Jan 13th 2012! So we will be there around the same time, I am so excited, I am thinking about having the poolside reception and hiring a DJ but i have not gotten that far into planning it yet.


        I was also wondering if anyone has gotten married leaglly at home first, this was suggested to us by our travel agent so we do not have to arrive so much earlier before the wedding or take the blood test or wait for the marriage certificate in the mail and to be translated. I jus want to make sure that if we do not do a legal ceremony that it still looks like a legal one so the guests dont know that we leagally got married here and are just saying or vows in mexico. Thanks

        #3874 Jemma

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          Posted 12 March 2011 - 02:33 PM



          My first time posting on here, just had my wedding date confirmed for 17th Jan 2012!! woohoo! Havent had any info yet re: ceremony locations or anything so any advise is welcomed!


          bout legal documents, i've been told I dont need to get birth certificate etc translated into spanish? is this true? any Uk brides know??



          #3875 kristi11

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            Posted 12 March 2011 - 02:48 PM

            Cdunn514 - that's so exciting!!!!!! we are also thinking about doing a poolside reception but bringing our ipad instead of hiring a DJ.  I haven't been in touch with the WC yet but will be emailing her in the next few weeks.  Which resort are you staying at?? We are at the Coba!!!!  We are legally getting married at home first and our TA told us unless we told everyone no one would ever know by the ceremony!!!

            #3876 Andree

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              Posted 12 March 2011 - 05:05 PM

              Hi Jody,

              I just pm to you the price list for extra's and also the pictures of the locations at the Akumal side.


              #3877 jody11

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                Posted 12 March 2011 - 07:19 PM

                could anyone tell me...if a pool side reception is worth it...i have booked the unforgettable pkg, we will have our dinner at one of the al cartes and then from what i was reading on here maybe go to the hasendia for the rest of the night...does anyone have a recent price list on what something like that may cost...i should have around 20 guests with me...


                thanks again

                #3878 Cdunn514

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                  Posted 13 March 2011 - 09:19 AM

                  kristi11- We are also staying at the Coba! I am glad that she said no one will notice that it is not the actual ceremony I was worried about that. I have not decided if we are going to do a dj or not, I guess it will depend on how many people come on if it will be worth it, we are inviting 130 people, but i know that the majority of the people will not be able to make it. I am just so relieved that i have the date set, our save the dates are going out next week, it is all getting so real now!

                  #3879 kristi11

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                    Posted 13 March 2011 - 10:01 AM

                    Cdunn514 - What day do you arrive??? We get in on Sunday the 8th.  We should totally meet up for a drink!!!!  We are going to have around 40-50 ppl with us. Do you have a list of the extra pricing yet??? I haven't gotten it yet.....that will make my decisions easier I think once I know what pricing is.  I know everything is starting to get real....the next 10 months are gonna fly by!!!!!!!

                    #3880 AmberJanet

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                      Posted 13 March 2011 - 12:42 PM

                      Hi!  I'm fairly new to the site and am getting married at the Gran Bahia Coba on May 31st, 2011!  I think the location we're getting married at is the beach Palapas (at least that's what the WC called it).  Is anyone familiar or aware of this location?


                      I just have to say that this site is amazing and I've gotten so many awesome ideas from all the wonderful ladies on here!

                      May 31, 2011 - Gran Bahia Principe Coba ~ Today I Marry My Best Friend ...

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