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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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So we can choose the wedding packages for legal weddings, even though we want a symbollic wedding only? Because I was told that the Unforgettable package is only for legal weddings, but I'm going to City Hall at home to do all the paper work since I didn't want to get that blood test in Mexico.

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My flowers were lilies, roses, and greenery... not sure what that stuff was but it was really pretty :)

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Originally Posted by worstbride View Post


So I don't really care about flowers at all, but I read that people were only spending like 3-400 on flowers from the resort? How much is this marvin guy? And are you having to pay the delivery as well as he $90 day pass to have them on the grounds?


Well if you don't care much about flowers and the resort offers ones you like - then i would use them because you'll prob get a lot included with your package.

Unfortunately for me - none of the ones that were included in the package were what i wanted - so i was going to have to pay over and above.

What i did was send the exact pics above to Jazmin (my WC at the resort) and got her to quote me and send the exact same pics to Marvin and got his quote. There was literally

$1000 difference in the grand total with Marvin.

I can't remember what the prices were (per flower) from the resort - but Marvin is charging me only $190 for my bouquet and the resort was like $500-something - no joke

For the boutonnieres and corsages they were fairly similar - Marvin is charging around $20-$25 per

Bridesmaids bouquets with Marvin are only $75 - and the resort was chargin over $100


You do have to pay $100 USD for deliver to the resort BUT you don't have to pay a vendor fee because he's just delivering - not really coming onto the resort.

I'm having to pay a vendor fee for my hair and makeup people but thats all

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Originally Posted by AndreaandAaron View Post


Me again :)


Was  there an option to pick up the flowers instead of the delivery fee?  (could be a good job for my dad and FFIL) Do you know if Marvin's shop is close to the resort? I guess $100 isnt thaaaaat bad if you are saving a ton of money...


I think you can pick them up - not 100% sure tho - don't quote me on it. I do believe he's in Playa del carmen - which is only about a 20-30 min drive from the resort - so ya - you can get your dad's to take a cab down to get them for sure - **IF thats where he is - ha ha

Again - i'm not 100% sure - so I would email and ask Marvin

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Originally Posted by Sunshine2680 View Post


Outta here in just a few hours ladies! I promise I'll post allllll about it when I get back!!!

Have an amazing time!  I am soooooo excited for you!  I know your wedding will be beautiful! can't wait to see your pics/ review!



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