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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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We used the Resort DJ - he didn't speak english well but he knew how to play music ALL dance music though - no slow songs! lol i didn't even realize it till it was near the end!


PS anyone that is getting married on the THURSDAY they have the Mexican Celebration and there was fireworks - lol everyone thought we planned them - we didn't but it was sure cool tos ee! :)

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Ahh, that sucks!! I'm so sorry to hear that. At least you still have lots of time to find an amazing photographer!! Good luck on your search!

Originally Posted by AD2012 View Post

Entering mini crisis mode! Our photographer cancelled on us this morning! :(  


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Hi Ladies - I'm curious what past brides have done about flowers
I just got a quote from GBP Tulum and its absolutely OUTRAGEOUS what they want to charge!
Granted I am choosing some expensive-type flowers (Orchids and calla lilies) but I've already spoken to a florist in PDC and for my bouqet he quoted me $190USD where the resort wants $570USD!!!
Has anyone else priced out flowers outside of the resort?
And if anyone used an outside florist- was it fairly easy just to have them deliver right to the resort?

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Thanks for posting this...these photos are absolutely amazing and exactly how I envisioned my wedding reception! A couple questions:


  • What was the overall cost of your poolside reception w/ food, drinks and entertainment included??
  • Did you opt for the DJ or play your music via ipod?
  • Did you have to request the dance floor or was it included in the poolside package?
  • What time was the poolside reception scheduled for, as I'm noticing pictures from both day and night?


Your help is greatly appreciated!


Originally Posted by Mood Events View Post

Hello Brides:


These are some pictures from Melanie Chong's Wedding Reception at Gran Bahia Principe Coba...




Bahia Principe May 21 2011-02.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-04.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-05.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-06.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-13.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-14.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-15.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-16.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-17.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-18.JPGBahia Principe May 21 2011-19.JPGDSC00769.JPGDSC00788.JPGDSC00791.JPG


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I wasn't able to view your photos; however, your default pic is BEAUTIFUL...is Diego apart of Arriefe (sp) or your own photographer??


Originally Posted by dfranklin View Post


I am trying to post some of the 1,620 amazing photos on here- Diego was our photographer- he is absolutely wonderful!













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