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Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

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I have a price list (they sent me these prices a few weeks back):

Basic36 $540 USD

          36 Paper Photos Size 6X8 (Optional on CD INSTEAD of Printed)

Ik50 (Wind) $850 USD

            50 Photos con CD   AND   15 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                                  1 Paper Photo Size 8X12

Kib75 (Soul) $1,300 USD

            75 Photos on CD   AND   20 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                                 5 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                                 1 Paper Photo Size 12X18

Been100 (Plenty) $1,700 USD

            100 Photos on DVD AND

          DVD Slide Show   OR   30 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                          6 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                          1 Paper Photo Size 12X18

Men120 (Moon) $2,000 USD

          120 Photos on DVD AND

          DVD Slide Show   OR   40 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                                        6 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                           1 Paper Photo Size 12X18

Kaban140 (Knowledge) $2,300 USD

            140 Photos on DVD AND

          DVD Slide Show   OR   50 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                          10 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                          1 Paper Photo Size 12X18

                                          1 Handmade Photo Album

Lamat160 (Sunset) $2,850 USD

            160 Photos on DVD   AND      DVD Slide Show

                                                   40 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                                   10 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                                     2 Paper Photos Size 12X18

                                                     1 Handmade Photo Album

                                                     1 Handmade Picture Frame

Akbal180 (Night) $3,200 USD

            180 Photos on DVD   AND   DVD Slide Show

                                                60 Paper Photos Size 6X8

                                                15 Paper Photos Size 8X12

                                                  3 Paper Photos Size 12X18

                                               #Guests ‘Thank You†Photo Size 5X7

                                                  1 Handmade Photo Album

                                                  1 Handmade Picture Frame

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What about a videographer? I don't want a DVD slideshow of pictures. I would like an actual videographer. Are we allowed to hire someone to do this if they don't offer the service on the resort? I want a video just as much if not more than pictures.  Did anyone have a videographer? Thanks!

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We used the resort photographer and I wish I could rave about the video but I was left feeling a little disappointed. The quality wasn't that great and there are few awkwardly long still shots (like my mom and I smiling into the camera for a whole 30 seconds). The only part of our ceremony you actually hear are our vows since the wind made it difficult for the mic to pick up the sound but she did some cool effects like pausing it when the bridal party is mid-jump on the beach. The worst part was she put the wrong date at the end and we didn't have the heart to tell her. She was super sweet and we could tell she really wanted to make this special for us. I would suggest meeting with her before hand to discuss what you want. If we had done that I'm sure it would have turned out closer to what we had in mind!

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Originally Posted by andrea_m View Post


Hi Ladies,


I am getting married at the Gran Bahia Principe on January 6, 2011 and I have a few questions you may be able to help me with. 


Karla is my wedding coordinator and I am having some difficulty getting the ceremony time I want.  They want my ceremony to be at 4:00 but I really want it earlier, at 2:00.  I have a relative coming with me who is a wedding photographer, and she usually needs around 2 hours for pictures.  Looking at sunset times, it doesnâ€t seem like enough time for us.  Just wondering if anyone out there was able to have an earlier ceremony time??


Is it possible to rent speakers from the resort instead of hiring a DJ?  We like the idea of just using our IPOD for the reception instead of paying for a DJ.


Does anyone have a link or any maps of the resorts they can share?  My ceremony is at the beach palapas area (I am not sure exactly where that is) and I am going with the Mediterranean restaurant for dinner and the Jacuzzi Bar for the reception.  However, I donâ€t know where any of these locations are!


I do appreciate any thoughts or input you have!




Here is the resort map:



I'm not exactly sure where the beach wedding location is though - hopefully someone else can point it out on this map. The gazebo for anyone else interested is right by the Tequila restaurant on the Tulum side.


As far as speakers go, I think someone had luck doing this at Coba but Tulum does not offer this option. And I think another bride said they did this and you couldn't hear your own music over the nearby bar music.



Originally Posted by Sherileigh View Post


I think we're just having a small wedding...just 13 of us total. So far, I think probably another 2-4 people will book though. Any suggestions on what we should do for after dinner? I don't know if I see the point in having a 'reception'. Unless we can bring our own ipod and speakers? Do you know if the plugs are the same as north america? Would they allow us to play our own music? Would it be silly having a little reception for just us...I'm just not sure where else we'd be able to go with children after dinner.



SOME plugs are the same and some are the same but have a weird outlet cover which requires an adaptor. Bring a few from home (even for the rooms) or you can buy them in the shops for less than a buck.


If you want to play your own music you will most likely need to bring your own speakers, look into renting from a vendor outside the resort or hire a DJ. I would guess that playing your own music will require you to have a private reception.. which is not a bad idea... even for 15 people. However, if kids are your concern, don't be... kids are allowed at all the bars with the exception of the disco in the hacienda. My 11 year old daughter was with us at every bar and I saw several other kids of all ages. They're not like regular bars you're used to. Good luck!

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