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Punta Cana Princess?

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Anyone have any info on weddings at PCP? We were there for a week last year and are planning on going back in December I'd love any info anyone has. I am only at the very beginning of my planning, I don't even really know where to begin!


Thanks everybody in advance.

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^^ Hey chica...


try emailing here.. I got some info from them last year:




Also, here is a link to their website:

Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa hotel Punta Cana, Princess Hotels & Resorts, Promotions, Meetings, online reservation, Caribbean


I have their wedding package info for 2008 if you'd like me to send it to you. Just let me know :)

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Originally Posted by bobbysgirl View Post
OK so I'm kinda getting nervous now. I fell in love with PCP when I went last year, I'm just curious why no one has chosen them for their DW?

When I was booking my travel for my wedding, one of hte TAs I originally talked to go married at PCP. He said he loved it. He went down with about 50 family members and friends for a week and sid they had a blast and highly recommended it to me.

There may not be anyone on this immediate forum that has married there but I am sure a ton of people have. :) It looks gorgeous! I love the colors of the resort! So pretty!

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the fact that it's adults only rules it out for many people since they have kids coming


Also it's a pretty small resort, so naturally the number of people going there to get married will be less than a resort 3-4 times as big (as many of the mega complexes are).


And some resorts are just less popular for weddings for no particular reason - probably because of marketing (they don't advertise their services enough).


I don't think there is any particular reason that you need to be aware of.


Here is a review and photos from a PCP bride on another (Canadian) forum.






Also just try google searching Punta Cana Princess and Weddings and see if you can find some reviews from other sites.

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So, I got engaged on 1/11 I was a long time lurker on this board and couldn't wait to start planning.


I just heard back from the coordinator at PCP and She said I can't book anything until after april when they start booking for 2010...


So what can I start to plan in the meantime? I hate to do anything without a confirmed date but I just can't wait anymore!


Somebody give me some stuff to do until april to keep me busy before I go crazy please :)




<3 Jen

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