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AHR not at home?


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I haven't been on here for awhile I got stuck doing jury duty for a month then life got so busy afterwards.


Quick recap, FI and I are eloping to Cabo this December '08 and were planning on having AHR in Los Angeles in January. I haven't been a good bride and haven't planned anything for AHR and everything is either expensive or requires a lot of planning.


FI now wants to move the AHR to Mexico in April because he thinks it will be more memorable and people would get a vacation out of it. What do you think? Is it weird not to ask people to our ceremony in Dec then invite them to a destination party in April '09 for the reception?


We're not inviting anyone to Cabo because 1)we wanted the ceremony to be just the two of us, 2) too short notice now 3) Dec is a bad month with money and holidays for some people.


I would love to hear your opinions.



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It's really not too late to invite people if you change your mind. I just sent my invites last week and my wedding is in September. And what if you just do an AHR barbeque of some sort it's cheap and at your house and you don't have to plan plan plan. I guess it all depends on the amount of money people have to spend to ask them to attend a party in Mexico.

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Ditto about jury duty, eww...I hope the case was interesting!


As for the AHR, why not? If you have a budget for it I say invite some people and see who is with it. As a friend/guest I would get why you had a private ceremony and would love the idea of vacationing to celebrate. Worst case scenario only a few people go but that will be cool too, because the less people you have the more lavish it can be.


Go for it!

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