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Fire Dancers?

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Ok, so I didn't know where to post this...so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong section.


I keep reading that people had fire dancers at their weddings, and I was wondering about it. Is it specific to a local region? We're getting married in Cancun, would this be an option?


If you've had them...

How did you go about booking them? Was it through the resort or on your own? Also, how much was it (or aroundabout if you don't want to give specifics)



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We had them in Vallarta and they were part of our wedding site, Las Caletas. It was an optional add-on to our package. I think it was something like $300 for a 20 minute show? I've heard of the ones in Cabo being more than that so I think it was a good price.


If you can find them & work it out totally do it! It was a surprise to our guests and we were all in awe...they're pretty cool!

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Angela- $675!? For 13 mins? WOW. I really did luck out at LC. We had them for $200 (rates are now $300 I believe) for 20 mins. We LOVED them. THey totally rocked and added a little something special to the reception.


If you can find them, do it!

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