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Bridesmaids flowers

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I need some advice and was wondering what you guys are doing for this...


So I'm going to have a red rose bouquet for myself and was going to do all white roses for my maids. But was thinking about donig a combo red/white for my sister, since she is the MOH. Are you guys doing different colors for the MOH? Or just keeping all the maids the same color?


I have no idea if I should just keep hers white like everyone else's or combine them red/white?


Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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Depends on if you want to recognize her more as the MOH. If you do then make it different. If you dont like all the different bouquets (yours, your MOH, then the rest of the BMs) then dont. Personally I would not make it different. I like the idea of adding a bouquet jewel to distinguish her.

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Absolutely you can do that for your MOH. My MOH had the same bouquet as the other BM's ... but a different bouquet jewel ... however, she was in a different dress than the others to allow her to stand out.


I think it is a nice gesture to do that ... so I think the red and white roses for her will look beautiful!

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