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My bridal headwear

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Hey guys,


I just ordered this for my hair/head. LOL. I also have a veil that I'm tucking behind an updo. At least I think I'm doing an updo because of the MASSIVE heat. :)



It's a headband


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by foxytv View Post
Oh, I like it! I love that its gold instead of silver (probably partial since my accent colors were gold, lol). What type of veil? I think a champagne veil would look great as a complement to the headpiece.
It's an ivory colored veil that is short... just comes to my elbows... :)

Originally Posted by becks View Post
oooooh! Preeeeety!

I LOVE the red!!!!
My colors are gold/red so I thought this would be a nice twist adding red in there.

Originally Posted by DLyteful View Post
I love it! It looks perfect, if I had time I would try to find one just like it.
Your day is coming up quick! YAY!
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