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Help! Question about Dreams Cabo-people & vendors coming onsite

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Okay... So we are staying at dreams and getting married at fiesta americana.


On the wedding day I am thinking about having suzanne moral's people come and give massages to about 8 people. All of us are staying at dreams except my mother. First Question is:


1. Will dreams let her come onsite that day to just get a massage and then leave because after that we will be heading to FA to have my hair/make-up done and get readyhuh.gif


2. Will dreams let suzanne moral's people come onsite period to do the massages considering they have theire own spa? It's just cheaper to go w/ Suzanne Moral....

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I think they would try and charge your mother a fee. Its I believe $95.00 for a day pass. But I say just have her walk in and straight up to your room. If you plan on eating or using the facilitys with her than maybe go ahead and ask if there is a fee. but other than that it sounds like you might be better of using the "dont ask dont tell" policy.


Suzanne Morale is comming to do our stuff and they are not charging us or her.

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Be sure to inform your wedding coordinator that you have two people coming.. they'll put them on the guest list.. otherwise they'll get checked at the front gate and may not be allowed to enter. Usually if it's wedding related you won't have to pay for your mom.. just explain what she's doing there and how long she'll be. Vendors are ok without a day pass because they don't use the resort services/food/drink...

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