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Good news! FI found new job in record time!


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Hi all! Well, since last week I came on this forum and vented my anxiety and stress over my FI not being hired back to his law firm for next year, and everyone provided great feedback and support - I thought I would share the amazing news -- my FI interviewed with and today was officially hired by a different firm that he is really excited to be joining!!!!


I swear the man is part tefflon, part magnet - nothing bad ever sticks, and good things seem to naturally gravitate his way! He rebounded with the world's best attitude last week so fast last I couldn't believe it. He was upbeat and determined, updating his resume and calling every contact. He also told me every day "I know this will work out and be the best thing that ever happened to me...."


Still, we were preparing for a tough couple of months and talked about cutting back on household and wedding expenses and finding a cheaper apartment...to have it all turn around to quickly is just an unbelievable gift! It makes me so grateful and reminds me not to take for granted certain things -- I now love my apartment so much more because everytime I walk in I just go "Ahhh, home"...I wouldn't have that appreciation if I hadn't had to consider moving! I also fell more in love with him than before (if that's even possible) because of the way he handle himself. He's always inspired me to be better, do better, believe more and this time is no exception...


Thanks again for the offers of support and the advice! I'm overwhelmed how quickly this all happened and so thrilled to have good news to share already!


woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif woot.gif

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