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Fabulous Pashmina Vendor

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I have a fantastic pashmina vendor after all of the trouble Carly, Trisha, and the other girls had with theirs.


The E-bay seller ID is : PurseLover168

You can see the color selection here: Little S&A Garden


I just contacted the seller and told them I needed 10 turquoise and 10 aqua and the total was only $95 for all 20, including priority shipping. That makes them $4.75 each, but since I'm not close to Chinatown, it was definiety the best option.


Even though on e-bay it says all sales are final, I was send the wrong shade of turquoise and he exchanged them for me with no problem.


I will post pics when I get home! Feel free to tell them I highly recommended them!

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Maybe one Sunday that I have off I'll drive into the city and get a bunch of Pashminas. Those street vendors are easy to haggle with if you buy a lot. I believe I got mine at $4 and probably could've gone lower if I wasn't in a hurry to go

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Denver sucks! We don't have any little China town. Maybe I just need to get out of the suburbs and venture into the city! I am going to venture into some Mexican stores this weekend to try to find another little sombrero!

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Here are the pics of the aqua:

Click the image to open in full size.


I was impressed with the quality for the price. They are super silky and soft. They are thin, but that is exactly what I wanted for the beach. I love that they all come packaged flat. I'm using them to kind of "pad" my suitcase and will roll them and stuff them in the OOT Bags when I get there. I have no idea of the actual dimensions, but I would guess 5x3?

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