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Ready to start planning for Playa del Carmen!!

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Hello ladies!


I posted as a newbie about a week or two ago and have been lurking around and just reading posts since then-- there is so much information to go through!


I went out to dinner last night with my partner (must get used to saying fiance...or H2B) and we finally discussed how we envisioned our wedding, not just want I wanted or what we should have (if money were not an issue).


Anyhow, I'm sure you know feeling of "that's the one!" when you come across something during research...you keep coming back to it as if that's what you're MEANT to have. We're rather keen to stay at The Royal in Playa del Carmen -- european plan style -- and have a beach wedding (off resort) and a beach reception at the hotel. Photos I've seen here on the forum are just gorgeous!


I've just sent an email to Zulma, the WC at the Royal, asking for pricing and packages....now I just have to wait!


While I wait, would anyone care to divulge any information regarding general price bracket per head for buffet (or sit down dinner) and open bar on the beachhuh.gif


You all seem to be good like that :)



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For dinner, I think it's $50 per person for hotel guests and then $60 for non hotel guests. This includes open bar. I have that information somehwere on my computer. I'll post it if I find it.


Are you sure you can still do the european plan? I think they used to offer it but now they don't...not too sure though. I met Zulma and she is very nice. I think you'll have to be patient for her to get back to you though. Apparently May is one of the busiest months for weddings. Good luck with planning!

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Hi Cuban, Would you mind sharing the quote you got from them? I have been trying to reach Zulma or Paty for the last couple of weeks, e-mails after e-mails, I even called, but was totally unsuccessful at reaching anyone!


I would appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!


p.s. who is walterhuh.gif

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I too would be VERY Interseted in whatever information you were able to get...I have tried emailing Zulma several times, with no luck. I am waiting to receive Walter's contact information to see if I can't start something with him first...maybe that will help get the ball rolling.


There is another thread started about the Royal here, and if you don't mind, I would highly recommend you posting information, if you're able to, there. There are at least four other brides planning who would really appreciate your help! We're all just sort of waiting for information!!!


Thank you and good luck with all the planning!

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