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Planning Pics - I'm getting so excited!!

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Your ring is gorgeous, the sapphire is beautiful. where did you find the votives? Nice shoes. your guests will love the pashminas!


Why don't you like your dress? sad.gif Do you think once it's fitted you will like it?


Everything looks great, i can't believe you did the candles yourself. That's awesome, you'll have to let us know how you did that.

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Thanks everyone!


The pashminas were ordered in bulk, and it seems like they were more expensive than some other girls ordered them for. The "real" ones were 15.00 and the acrylic were 4.40. It seems like if you do a bulk order, you can get them at a decent price. I'm so excited to give them out.


Pouring candles is super easy. It's kind of like making candy. You just have to watch the temp. to make sure it's at the pouring temperature of 180. I bought a 20lbs. of wax, color, scent, and wicks from yaley candles. I don't have the link here where I got the holders, but I can get that at home. The hardest part is getting the right color. I've been making other coral colored candles, and getting that color has been a bit tricky. Now I want to make a candle out of every pretty container I see! smile159.gif


I don't like my dress because right now I don't like the way it fits, and I don't think it's gong to photograph well. I'm afraid it's going to photograph plain and boring, but I need to go saturday with an open mind and positive thinking!

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