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Bridesmaid Gifts

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Are any of you having bridesmaids and if so, what are you gifting to them? I am having the hardest time deciding on a gift for them and my groom had his gifts figured out from day 1. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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I am getting white Kimono style spa robes embroidered with their first names/first initial in our wedding colors. i am having the vendor ship them directly to my venue in Hawaii - I thought the girls would love them b/c they can use them after and we can all spend the day getting ready in the robes!


I am also putting together a little gift bag to go with it of custom purfume and a couple other little spa type treats.


(all ideas i got from girls on here LOL)

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i'm giving my bms straw beach bags that have pjs, bathing suit cover up, starfish silver necklace, flipflops, sunblock, a makeup travel case filled with travel size products (bodywash, moisturizer, shampoo,etc), palm tree frame i found at kohls, pashminas, people magazine crossword puzzle book, barefoot sandals, and i think that's it.

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I got my maids little beach bag totes with red flip flops (for the beach ceremon), Victoria's Secret shirts that say "Team Bride," memo pads, candles, lip gloss, emory boards, and those car freshener things that dangle from the mirror with a Thank you note. I'm going to give it to them at my bridal shower cause I don't want to lug all that stuff to DR. :)

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