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Marrying off-Resort...

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Has anyone done this? Could someone recommend a WC that can organize a wedding (and everything that goes along with it, at a location off-resort? And ARE there locations around that are suitable/used for weddings?!!


I'm still gearing toward Rose Hall Resort for accomodations (b/c the cost is brilliant and the resort looks beautiful) but we just can't throw away $5k having the nuptuals there! And then to add insult to injury, not be able to dine with our family/friends in one seating...


HELP!!! I want to get booked so we can get the bloody invites out - and I'm having a melt-down in the interim...

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I personally didn't work with this company but have heard from several people on this forum and the Couples forum who did.


The Negril Escape Resort & Spa


Have you tried searching Jamaica wedding planners? You could also contact your resort to see if they have any they work with and recommend. Even if you choose to not get married at the resort, the planner should be familiar with other locations, etc.

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Would that not affect the discounted rate on a block of rooms? Not having the wedding there? Or would we still qualify for a discount just b/c we are booking a block?


Thanks for the suggestion, Erin... I shall check it out!


My FH is going to call the resort tomorrow and use someones suggestion that "everything is negotiable in Jamaica!" Fingers crossed!

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Thanks again, EveryoneknowsitsWyndi, for the suggestion. I will take a gander. I'm at the point where I want to say "**** it!" and just pay the astronomical ammount they are charging - so that there are no headaches involved on the day.


However, calmer & more tactful FH tried to call and inquire today, directly to the resort. "Our" WC was unavailable but will be calling back tomorrow... Here's hoping he can sweet talk his way into a better deal for everyone involved! Hey, it worked on me, right?!


I'll let you know what the story is~

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Don't give up! It's worth it!!!


I found another WC!!! So far here is the list:


Tropical Weddings Jamaica

Helen G (helengevents.com)

Denise Taylor (Can't remember the website I found her on but her email address is denise.eventsmadeeasy@gmail.com)


I've talked to all three so far. TWJ and Denise have been willing to work with me on my low budget wedding (including licenses, ceremony & photography). Keep in mind we will be arriving in MoBay by cruise therefore I don't have to worry about the hotel piece of things. I would bet money either one of these will be able to help you do a wedding while working with your hotel.


Helen G I received a "additional info form" so I can't speak for her just yet.


Hope this helps!!!

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I received an e-mail from Helen G, after requesting access to the packages (which I was unable to see) There was no pricing on there! And so I've e-mailed her again... but it looks like here packages are big business... down to chair covers and sashes. I'll let you know.


On to check out DT!

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I used Almarie at Tropical Weddings. I thought she was fantastic!! My wedding was beautiful and my guests were overwhelmed by the location. I found that it was way more private off the resort. My testimonial is on her web-site. "March 2008 Dina & John" My site was the Tropical Grande Oceanfront. I still got my hotel group rate. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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We stayed at the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, but the wedding was off the resort. It was at the "Tropical Grande Oceanfront" which was about a 45min. ride which was included in the package. This location is actually called "Firefly" and was Noel Coward's Private estate and is now a museum. It has amazing veiws of the James Bond Hill and beach and was so private and large!!


Although my wedding was off the resort we still had the option to have our reception at the hotel. However, I really did not see why we should pay so much money for our guests, seeing it is an all inclusive resort. So we decided to rent a booze cruise as our reception.($70 per person. This was less then the price I was quoted from the hotel reception and it also included transportation.)


Welcome to Five Star Watersports


The cruise was very casual. It started at 5 and ended at 8. There was a buffet and plenty of drinks and music. The food was good and tied everyone over. Basically, because we rented the boat for the evening, the staff did everything we wanted. They were great!! My guests all loved getting out of the resort for the day and seeing the coast line and other resorts. They saw a lot of Jamaica.


After the cruise we went back to the hotel and all hit the buffet and the hotel disco for free!

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