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Hope these help you all out, like they did me. I want to thank all the other DIY brides who shared all their valuable information. I am now making other style of STD's for my friends. I will share all info once I am complete.







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Originally Posted by redheaney View Post
They look brilliant! But the palm trees on your template are different! And the flowers aren't on the template!
Did you ever get the palm trees figured out? They are not showing because you have to download special fonts onto your computer ( I had the same problem at first!) I used Dafont.com but I think there are other places out there.

On this template (and I only know because I partially used it!) the trees are wmtrees1 and the flowers come from TropicanaBV.

so download these and then on your computer under the control panel there should be a main fonts folder. Save the download there and then the new fonts will be in your Word and you should have trees and flowers! Let us know if this doesn't work!
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