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Jamaican Bride 2 B Newbie!!!

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Hi everyone!


I'm so happy I found you all...and yet so sad I didn't find you sooner! My name is Sam and I will be married June 14, 2008 at the RIU Tropical Bay in Negril, Jamaica. It's getting down to crunch time!!


I've already had my craziness of flights being cancelled, family freakouts so I'll spare the details ; )


I'm just finishing up on menu items for our recption, welcome gifts and getting to airport on time!!

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Welcome! I'm getting married the week after you. The stress is starting to get to me! LOL


Have you had wedding nightmares yet? I seriously had one that Britney Spears crashed my wedding and we couldn't get pictures because of all of the paparazzi!


I'm telling myself it is better to get it all out of the way now so I can enjoy myself there!

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