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Like card stock of a certain weight? Does one have to go to a specialty store for this? I've gone to my Michael's and another craft store, and though they had card stock in various colours, the guy looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for card stock that weighed 80lb...


Shouldn't these types of stores also carry other craft tools? And if so, just how expensive is it going to get purchasing such things as 'rotary paper trimmers,' herma dottos, blades, Crop-a-Diles and other such gadgets? Am I crazy to not just have someone else do them for me? I want to have fun with the crafting, etc., but don't want to break the bank in the process!

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i know that derek bought the paper cutter that we are using at staples but it looks like an actual paper cutter from grade school (the one with the handle you swing down) and he got cardstock there too. I also got cardstock from WB Mason. We got the corner cutters and palm tree cut out from Michaels. I think if you look around the scrapbooking section you'll find a lot of the stuff in that isle. I know i saw the paper trimmers and other stuff in Michaels. Maybe just ask someone else, maybe that kid just doesn't know.


I kind of regret buying all this stuff cause it does add up, especially since i've been seeing all of the invites that Sarah's been doing. I heard her prices are great. I think it would of been just as much or close to just have her do them. Plus it would save me a ton of time. I feel like i have a ton of things to do and invites i really don't feel like doing now. Have you priced any invitations?

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i know for me, i already have most of the supplies cause i've been an avid "stamper" for the last 10 years, and a lot of us are crafty like that and have the stuff. but i always get my cardstock at paperzone, a local store, they sell by the sheet and in packages, 80 lb, 100 lb, etc in MANY colors. you can go online to Paper Zone / Inspire / Design / Create to buy the packages only. over the years i've bought my supplies at paperzone, michaels, and other craft stores, as well as places like joann fabric.


also, because i've bought over the years, it didn't add up all at once for me, but i guess that's advice too late for you sad.gif

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