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Amarillis - Engagement Story

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Every November we attend the a Corporate Event in Montreal with FI's parents. In retrospect, the ride to Montreal was a wee bit strange, FMIL was rather quiet and FFIL was incredibly overprotective of his suitcase.


On Thursday November 8, 2007, FI and I went shopping and had planned to meet his parents in Old Montreal at Les 3 Brasseurs for drinks in the afternoon. After an afternoon of shopping we headed up to our room to drop off our purchases and pick up our gloves and scarves for our trek to the pub.


Upon arrival to our room, FI announced that his beer was getting warm and said he was going to the ice machine. As I waited for him to return I was fumbling about, reading the instructions on how to use the coffee machine. When I next looked up I saw him struggling to open a bottle of special wine that we had been saving since the first time we went on a trip together. I was very confused, and began to lecture "you can't open that - we are saving that for a special occasion - it is 2:00 in the afternoon - you can't open that!"


FI was absolutely silent, continuing to walk toward me, saying nothing. As he stood before me, I watched him open the wine and I could hear his breathing, almost hyperventilating. I asked if he was ok and did not receive a response. Then without saying a word he pulled my ring from his pocket. It was then my turn to hyperventilate, crying and hyperventilation, mascara running down my face. I must have been a vision of beauty.


Obviously I said yes, and with a bottle of (1995 Faustino Grand Reserva - Rioja) wine we toasted the happiest moment of our lives


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