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I Put My Mom on Match!!!

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It's been 3 years since she & my dad split and I think it's high time that my mom put herself out there. She would never do it herself so I asked her if she would mind if I made her a page. She laughed and said it would be fine, so this was part of her mother's day present.



Click the image to open in full size.


Me & MissionMamacita

Her new identity is MissionMamacita and I am so excited for her. cheer2.gif Jenny, your story about your mom was totally inspirational and gave me the extra motivation I needed on this. Hopefully she'll have some good dates or atleast a few funny stories that come out of thisangel2.gif


ps- sorry that pic is so big...

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Internet dating seems to be quite a successful way to date now days. I bet she will meet a nice guy and a bunch of funny ones along the way. LOL

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