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recently engaged

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I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kate, as you might have guessed, and I just got engaged. Jason and I are planning a wedding along the central California coast (somewhere between Santa Cruz and Big Sur - where he proposed).


We have been to a couple of weddings outside the country (Fiji and Cozumel) and decided that we did not want the same concerns we saw at these weddings. So we are searching for beach locations and will have family and friends coming in from all over the US. I want my 83 year old grandmother at the wedding and no way is she going to be able to fly outside the country.


I took the advice of a close friend and signed up the photographer for my wedding date of Sept. 12, 2009 before doing anything else. He has been a great help as we scope out locations and giving us a lot of great advice for dealing with the staff at the hotels. He was the photographer at a friend's wedding in Fiji and we really liked the way he was with the guests, working hard but keeping it fun and not interferring with the wedding - which I see happening all the time.



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congrats, Kate - and welcome to the forum!!

I went to UCSC and met my husband there (we still make it back at least a couple times of year for visits) I love that neck o the woods :)

happy planning!!

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