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Moving SUCKS!!!

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I am sooo missing Philly right now.


The FI and I just moved to my hometown of Miami in March and boy does it suck. He is living with his dad and I am living with my mom so that we can save some money and get on our feet. We both found jobs pretty quickly, but he works weekends now and I work weekdays 9-5. My job only has 2 other co-workers and they are both married so they don't hang out much. So, basically all i do is go to work and go home. This is coming from a life in Philly where I say my friends everyday (especially my BFF), knew most of the city, had neighborhood hangouts and could pretty much walk into any room and know at least one person (being a promoter and DJ was pretty good for popularity).

Now, everyone says reach out to old friends, but to tell you the truth... I don't really have any. I was a huge nerd in High school, so when I got out I had very little motivation to K.I.T. with the bullies who taunted me to no end. I went out and made friends some place else. Now I am back, lonely and MISERABLE!! I have gained like 15 pounds in the 2 months because all I do is watch TV, plan the wedding and sleep. I talk to my girls in Philly every night, but they really can't come and visit me down here if they want to go to the wedding, so I just miss them....


Where the hell do people make friends in this God forsaken city!!!

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I'm sorry you're having a hard time, but look at the outcome and the purpose that you're doing this. Make the best of the city and try to get out there and at least walk on the beach. Remember this is only temporary and it'll be over before you know. Hang in there girly!

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