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Photographer HELP!

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I have been in search of a photographer to shoot my wedding in Negril in Sept. I have contacted all the local photographer (Michael Chen, Brian N., Sungold) So far, no luck on availibility. Michael Chen was available but not sure I can afford him. Does any one know of other photographers in the area?? I do not have the budget that will allow me to fly in a photographer and cover the fee. What would be ideal is if I could find a photographer who happens to be vacationing or shooting another wedding around that time so that I do not have carry the burden of paying for the travel expenses (or at least be able to split the costs with someone). If any of you ladies have any ideas on how to find a photographer it would be much appreciated.

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I found a lady named Stacey Clark based out of Negril who does photos and videos. Her samples on the website were pretty nice.


I ended up bringing my own photog with me, but she was very nice and quick with correspondence.


I'll post her website when I find it. You can also just google her.


She may have even been recommended on the forum...I don't remember!




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