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8 weeks to go and I am freaking out!!!

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Ha Ha - I understand how frustrating (exciting..) it is planning this from afar. I will be leaving from my wedding the day of yours. You do have to pick the location 3 weeks before and reserve any extras as quickly as possible so its locked in.


I picked my location by the Gabi Bar. I was going to have a reception with an open bar and longer cocktail hour and then decided to just take the chill out chic package for what it is and locate next to a bar so guests can drink for free like they should be able to! I decided that No way am I paying for a open bar in the middle of an all-inclusive resort. I decided to put the money towards a firedancer, DJ and Trio band for my ceremonyn instead :). Thanks for the Palm Frongs tip for privacy Foxy - I will be sure to mention it when I get there!!.


I downloaded some vows from the internet that I want read and I heard that the WC can do the translate if we ask. I ordered tote bags from my wedding favors.com and they are perfect. The bag itself is 12.00 per and if you want they have the matching dest wedding towel - it is perfect.


Try not to stress and Remember we are just Excited! that the best part of this is the Journey Getting there! I try to remind myself everyday!! LOL

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