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HELP!!! I want to elope!

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#11 Nrvsbride

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    Posted 08 May 2008 - 03:40 PM

    You know which place I really love (not that I've ever been there) is the Excellence Resort at Playa Mujeres. Its all inclusive, it has that luxurious room you want and it seems just beautiful! Maybe you should look into this and see if it is something you would like. Good luck with whatever decision you make and remember that its your day.

    #12 currier73

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      Posted 08 May 2008 - 10:27 PM

      I will tell you that is why we are going alone. I am getting a little flack from his family but I don't care. We are going to wed at Sandals in Negril. They are having a great sale right now and I will tell there WC has already gotten back to me twice without even booking the trip yet (I am booking tomorrow). This is all about the two of you. Your families will get over it and this is your day. Be a little selfish, I have and I having a very easy and stress free time. We are going to have a small informal reception when we get home. Another nice thing about jamaica, no blood tests like you need in mexico and your documents will be in english. Something to think about.


      #13 sohappy

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        Posted 09 May 2008 - 12:35 AM

        We are going alone to the One and Only Palmilla in Cabo. They have some nice packages but pricey. I 've heard great things about the place, everyone tells me its very romantic. I haven't spoken to the WC because its in Dec. I understand your frustrations, I just tell everyone its my day and this is how I want it and they can come to the AHR. Good luck.

        #14 beachbride09

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          Posted 12 May 2008 - 10:28 PM

          Originally Posted by kellywinter1
          When my FI took me to Cinderella's castle and gave me the ring of my dreams I thought that it was the beginig to all my dreams coming true. In fact I was confident that our wedding would seem like a fairytale. Unfortunately it has been a nightmare! Planning our wedding has been horrible. Since we announced to our friends and family we had decided on a destination wedding we have gotten so much flack. In fact between our family and friend and the lack of assistance from the WC, the whole wedding thing just isn't what I want any more. It has been so stressful trying to make every one happy and attmpting to plan the wedding. It feels like the whole thing is for every one else now, not about my FI and me.
          So we are really wanting to elope. I still want my special wedding day with the whole dress and ceremony and cake thing, but I want it to be all about us. I think I want to dump everything I have started and pick a whole new place. So I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!
          I want to go somewhere tropical to an all inclusive resort that has an amazing beach and lush gardens and updated luxurious rooms. I want to be able to relax but if I want to do an activity or excursion I can. I want to be able to have my wedding ceremony at the resort. I want something simple but something I will remember for the rest of my life. I would like to have private ceremony on the beach and then have a private candel light dinner and cake with my husband. Is that too much to ask? So if you know any place that would accomidate us please let me know!
          FI and I have decided to have a 'private wedding' (aka: elope) while we're on our Caribbean Cruise.

          We talked about planning a wedding for four months and neither of us were 'into it', and since we had booked a cruise before we started the wedding talk - we decided "why not take advantage of the cruise and just get married there". It's a lot less stressful and you can make the whole trip just about ya'll.

          Good Luck!
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          #15 BarefootBride

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            Posted 13 May 2008 - 09:13 AM

            I say find a boutique resort somewhere. Does it have to be Mexico?

            #16 jmill130

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              Posted 13 May 2008 - 09:33 AM

              I felt just like you a few months ago when we started this process. Jason and I are getting married at Dreams Los Cabos in August. I am a people pleaser by nature, I wanted all of my family to be there and have this great time. However, due to the high price of fuel some of my family can't make it. It was hard for us, we started to get some flack and negative feedback and I started to doubt our choice. We have stuck with it and things are much better! We have 30 people coming to our wedding & possibly a few more. I guess my advice is to think about what you both really want... if you want to go with the 2 of you then do it. I know Dreams has packages for that. If you want to have some family and friends then wait it out... it really does get better. I know everyone has said it, but remember this is your day... Hang in there:)

              #17 Kristy!


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                Posted 13 May 2008 - 10:02 AM

                I thought of Sandals in St. Lucia too. But then again, of course I'm partial St. Lucia (otherwise I wouldn't be getting married there)! If Sandals doesn't work for you, there's also Rendevous and the BodyHoliday at LeSport (if you're more active) which are both adults only as well, except in the summer LeSport allows older children I think.

                I would definitely recommend talking to Jennifer if you're thinking about Sandals. She knows her stuff. I have done a good amount of research on the island, so I would be more than happy to share what I know.

                One last thing...do whatever you want to do. Don't let others influence you. Weddings have a funny way of making people crazy...and I'm not just talking about the bride and groom.

                #18 kelcrooks

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                  Posted 16 May 2008 - 09:58 AM

                  Don't worry about everyone else. This day is about you and FI. Make it your day.

                  I do know how frustrating it can be about the lack of communication from WC's. I found the resort I wanted and now I can't get the WC to email me back about what dates are available! I want to book so I can start on all the other details.

                  #19 kellywinter1

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                    Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:09 AM

                    Thanks every one for the encouragement and suggestions! I am happy to report that the FI and I have decided to go on with our wedding in Cancun!

                    After much more discussion between us, my FI confided in me that having a wedding that all his family and friends can attend is important to him. Plus his mom freaked out when I told her we were going to elope, and I think that was what prompted him to speak up. We are now getting more positive encouragement from our friends and family and people are beginning to take more of an interest in our day.

                    #20 nikkianddean

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                      Posted 18 May 2008 - 10:25 AM

                      Originally Posted by Monique
                      Did you hear yourself when you said trying to "MAKE EVERYONE ELSE HAPPY" let's not forget that it is your day. What makes you happy not just your friends and family!!!

                      You'll be fine...
                      I totally agree here. You can;t make everyone happy so you should not make that a goal. You should focus on making you & your FI happy. As long as everyone is comfortable they will bask in your happiness. As far as the WC- I was very prepared for the cultural differences (dealyed responses, slight misunderstandings) BUT what you described are much bigger red flags that you probably should run from NOW! good luck with everything. It looks like there are a couple greta ideas out there. Sandals St Lucia sounds pretty fantastic!!!

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