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Question for those against dolphin swims/rides...

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    Posted 12 May 2008 - 01:28 PM

    I should point out that domesticated isn't an intelligence thing. It's more of being socialized to humans. But, they have shown that as dolphins get socialized to humans it has negative efects on them. Possibly it makes it easier for an animal to be domesticated if it has a lower IQ. Or maybe it's once something gets domesticated it doesn't maintin the same IQ because it isn't having to be self sufficient. I was just trying to point out that dolphins think as much if not more than humans. They are complex and have emotions. Cats & dogs don't really care if their children are taken away & they forget about them afterwards. Otherwise it would be really cruel to remove their babies, but we do it all the time. So when you think about how much dolphins are like us you can see how cruel it is. can you imagine taking people away from their families & forcing them in an unsuitable environment for entertainment? It really breaks my heart to see what is being done to them.

    I second what jason said about not judging people who do it. I don't think bad about my friends who have done the dolphin swims. But, I do wish they knew the truth about it. I didn't feel like I was being judged by the friend who told me about it. I was really thankful she enlightened me.

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