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BDW Biggest Loser Season 2 Official CHAT thread...

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lol yari, you should be a leader!

i'm down .8 (note to self - send ann email after nap). i have been SO good about the gym but today i have the worst cramps ever (i haven't had cramps in 10 years b/c of bc), and all i want is chocolate. i had a small cupcake before, which was the only junk i've eaten in weeks. after i finish my popsicle, i'm taking aleve and a nap.

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I havent been into either, I really need to get motivated again and stay motivated. I just feel like Ive been watching, for the most part, what i eat but i still dont lose anything significant. i need to exercise more consistently, if that doesnt help then i dont know what gives!

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as of right now, i am missing weights from the following people - about 1/2 of you!


babyg (Terri)

ButlerGirl08 (Alex)

cessyboston (Erica)





msam007562 (MarieSam)

Nrvsbride (Glenda)

Opice34 (Shannon)

Robyn Mumford

Sandra E. (Sandra)


Sblake (Sarah)

twinkletoes (Christina)

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Not sure where everyone is this week, but here are the weekly results!



The weekly winner is ..........



xandrafaye (Alex)-1.170%




TA Jill-0.905%

amyrak (Amy)-0.898%


lauren c.-0.624%

LadyCheese (Jessica)-0.482%

froggie1013 (Kristy)-0.255%


lucy106 (Stephanie)0.000%

dancingdolphin (Laurine)0.685%


nueland (Nicole)0.998%

can't wait! (Karla)1.045%

babyg (Terri)<didn't receive anything!>

cessyboston (Erica)<didn't receive anything!>

Denise40<didn't receive anything!>

ErinB<didn't receive anything!>

Janet<didn't receive anything!>

JessicaM<didn't receive anything!>

msam007562 (MarieSam)<didn't receive anything!>

Nrvsbride (Glenda)<didn't receive anything!>

Opice34 (Shannon) <didn't receive anything!>

Robyn Mumford <didn't receive anything!>

Sandra E. (Sandra) <didn't receive anything!>

Saraha<didn't receive anything!>

Sblake (Sarah)<didn't receive anything!>

twinkletoes (Christina)<didn't receive anything!>

ButlerGirl08 (Alex) <didn't receive anything!>

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