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wedding day mishaps (feel free to add your own!)

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#31 boscobel

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    Posted 29 July 2008 - 02:46 PM

    OMG! That is horrible yet awesome! hahahahahaa, so funny that you could even HEAR it break! Gross, Jennifer.

    #32 Spazz

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      Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:16 PM

      Nothing too terrible, but some funny stuff...
      - Mike wore the wrong color pants (he decided he liked black ones better that morning and then completely clashed with the wedding party)
      - Mike told the minister to call me "Slazz" (my nickname from high school) during the ceremony. Thank God when I got to the altar, the minister checked to make sure that was ok and showed me his hand where he had written the name (no, it wasn't ok...lol!).
      - I tried to put Mike's ring on the wrong hand (there's a funny picture of this I need to find).
      - Mike said "yes" instead of "I do".
      - Mike decided to go with the $2.00 wedding band that I bought at a flea market instead of the $10.00 one we bought on ebay because he liked how it looked better. In the middle of the reception he came up to me with it broken in pieces in his hand and asked "is this a bad sign?"

      LOL...you girls probably think my hubby is a total jackass but I thought all of this was hilarious so don't worry

      #33 boscobel

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        Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:22 PM

        Lizz, omg, that is great. He decided the morning of to wear different pants. Hahhaahahaa, guys are funny. Although I don't remember it standing out to me in the photos, I will have to go back and check them..

        #34 ACDCDCAC

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        Posted 29 July 2008 - 03:58 PM

        i didnt really have an major mishaps, but here are a few minor ones:
        -my littlest BM who is only 4 1/2 accidentally dropped a lipgloss down the front of her ivory dress right before pictures. she was SO ashamed, she walked up to me with her head hanging and these huge alligator tears streaming down her cheeks. when i asked her what was wrong she showed me and was so upset! i said "hey emilia, shit happens!" and she got this huge grin and was all better. later when we asked her to tell the story if she was sad about it, she said "i was holy pissed off!" how can you get mad at that? hahahahaha!

        -a huge section of my hair came unpinned and was hanging down the side of my head. halfway thru pictures and no one told me. the 2nd half of some really awesome pictures you can totally see it. i feel like they are ruined now cause you cant really photoshop something like that. we fixed it before the ceremony when we went inside to freshen up before the ceremony.

        -we had tiki torches lining the aisle, and we filled them with the citronella oil stuff thinking it would be helpful so guests wouldnt get bit up. we didnt realize that they would be so smoky, and all during the ceremony doug and i kept laughing as we would see these black specks floating thru the air all around us. the torches looked cool tho :)

        that was about it, nothing too funny but some minor stuff :)

        #35 kerryjbrown

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          Posted 29 July 2008 - 04:08 PM

          Originally Posted by amandalovesryan
          those stories make me sound trashy!
          You don't sound trashy....it wasn't your wedding!

          #36 beachbride08

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            Posted 29 July 2008 - 06:14 PM

            Originally Posted by Lizz
            - Mike decided to go with the $2.00 wedding band that I bought at a flea market instead of the $10.00 one we bought on ebay because he liked how it looked better. In the middle of the reception he came up to me with it broken in pieces in his hand and asked "is this a bad sign?"

            LOL...you girls probably think my hubby is a total jackass but I thought all of this was hilarious so don't worry
            That is hysterical!!!

            I can't wait to see what kind of stories I will have after my wedding. My family is full of jackasses!

            My dad's wedding had a few funny moments. First was my dad and his groomsmen were taking shots before the ceremony and his wife was not too happy about that.

            My cousin was one of the readers and she decided to wear these hot pink platform sandals and the stage was wood so she the shoes were making so much noise when she walked up to the podium that I started cracking up. Since I was in the wedding party I was sitting in the front row and she could see me laughing so she started laughing during the reading. Then, after the ceremony they rented a trolley and we had coolers filled with booze. I was taking shots with my dad (I was 19 at the time). The whole wedding party except for me pretty much was tanked by the time we got to the hotel where the reception was. Two of the bridesmaids had to be carried into the hotel, and started throwing up in the room. One passed out in the bathroom. After the reception started they closed the bar for dinner so my dad's best man went out to the trolley and put the coolers of booze on a bellboy cart and wheeled it into the reception hall and poured all of us a shot. My cousin (with the platform shoes) got really wasted and was making all of us do shots at the bar. At the end of the night she got on the microphone the DJ had and told everyone the afterparty was in room # XXX - MY Room! Then she went to go sit back down on the chair at the table and fell. Luckily I just so happened to have my camera handy and got a lovely picture of her spralwed on the floor (which I later blew up and gave to her for Christmas!). Good times!

            #37 1elephant

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              Posted 29 July 2008 - 06:41 PM

              ok...nothing huge, but:
              -the minister called me laurel
              -she told us that we're all born with a soul, but when we're about 7 our souls die.
              -she told us that shocks are good, like car crashes at 70mph (i think i wrote this one somewhere)
              -dh put my finger on the wrong hand (did it at legal day too)
              -dh lost his ring in the pool and had to send his brother underwater b/c he doesn't swim
              - not a huge deal, but there were leaves lining the aisle (which i didn't want) and someone had kicked it so it was flopped over...i had to lift my skirt and step over it, making me look incredibly dumb walking down the aisle.

              i'm sure there are more...i'll keep thinking.

              #38 jajajaja

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                Posted 29 July 2008 - 07:03 PM

                Let's see- mine weren't hysterically funny but here's my list:

                * Best man got so drunk the day before wedding (the night of welcome dinner) he literally pissed himself- in front of everyone then passed out around 3pm never making it to the dinner.

                * Forgot the centerpieces for the tables. Ooops!

                * BMs stood in wrong order- MOH was the furthest away from me.

                * BMs forgot to pack panties so feared their cootchie may become exposed in a big gust of wind.

                * Wrong music played for ceremony. As a joke, we picked another one bites the dust as our recessional. As I'm waiting with the bridesmaids for their song to begin, I hear Another One Bites the Dust playing. They fade it out, then play the bridal entrance. I can't go yet cause the BMs haven't even walked. They fade that song out and play Another One Bites the Dust again. They fade that out, then my WC decides to send the BMs with no music in hopes that they got it right eventually. My MOH walked down the aisle to no music (since the idiots were in the wrong order!) but my BM finally had a song play- the one that all the guests were seated too. Thankfully, they got the bridal entrance right. LOL

                * My dad thought it would be funny to give his daughter away by answering the "who gives this woman away" question with "Her mother, I and VISA." Oh the comedian...

                * I was horrifically sick. I lost my voice so I sounded like a croaking toad during our vows. Seriously- no exaggeration here. Everyone laughed.

                Small stuff to make for a funny ceremony. :)
                Happily married since 2008

                #39 katrina


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                  Posted 29 July 2008 - 09:50 PM

                  hmm nothing major but here goes:

                  - i was supposed to get from our room to the lobby before the ceremony. the problem is that the ceremony site was in the middle of those two places and there is really only way to the lobby and that would have been right past the ceremony. so to make sure no one saw me, me, my sisters, my parents, and the photographers had to sneak through around the edge of the resort through the unlandscaped grass and trees and then through the tennis courts and finally into the lobby. i was in heels and just holding my dress up- it was ridiculous.

                  - my youngest sister was the first to walk. we didn't have a rehearsal and so my sister started crying right before the ceremony was about to start because she didn't know what to do. so she starts walking and is going in the wrong way so the coordinator had to run out and steer her back.

                  - my mil surprised us with an engraved cake topper set and in the middle of cutting the cake the handle snapped off so they had to bring out a butter knife for us to finish cutting.

                  #40 amyh


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                    Posted 29 July 2008 - 10:27 PM

                    I'm glad I am not the only one with wedding day mishaps!

                    -As I arrive to the alter and turn to get a tissue from my mom (for sweat not tears), my mom snaps at me and tells me I am squishing my hair with my veil!

                    -I said, "I Hanssel..." during my vows

                    -One of our GM shows up to the reception in a black suit (the boys were wearing tan) and an uninvited guests who we previously told could not go. I made Hans call him over and I went off on him. His answer to to changing was that he wasn't aware he couldn't change and he only changed (into a Black suit) because he was hot and proceeded to walk into the cocktail area with the uninvited guest. He is still on my shit list!

                    -My hairdresser and her boyfriend got wasted prior to the reception, show up to the wedding in sweats and jeans. Making out on the dance floor while my bro and SIL are giving a speech. the BF falls, knocks his head, cries and both run to the beach. I later have a few guest run up to me to inform me that "my hairdresser" was taking off her shirt and running in the ocean with her bf.

                    -One of our other vendors got drunk (he was already off and we told him to enjoy the party so this didn't bother us), and had to be escorted back to his room by my brother.

                    -There was a storm on the day of the wedding so the waves were crashing into the tent. There were electrical outlets laid on the sand. While I was dancing, I look up to find a huge cloud of smoke.. an outlet was hit by a wave and sparked a fire!

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