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wedding day mishaps (feel free to add your own!)

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Two iguanas got into a wrestling match in the trees during our ceremony. I was completely oblivious, but apparently it was really distracting to the guests LOL


After the wedding, the winner came down to chow on the rose petals! We got some good pics of him! cheesy.gif

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This is something that happened at my FSIL wedding which wasn't so funny at the time (well, maybe a little) but is now that we look back at it.


This was at their AHR at a Hotel. We (immediate family) where to meet a little before the doors opened to the reception area, just outside of them. Myself and FH get out of the elevator and I see my FSIL pacing around (in her wedding dress I might add, though, she was fairly calm). All I can hear is load vacuuming. I walk towards the door and she goes "Don't open the doors..." and I was like, "whatâ€s going on?" She tells me that the staff where trying to put together her giant (and I mean giant) chocolate fountain... but they hooked it up backwards. When they turned it on, the thing exploded sending liquid chocolate, EVERYWHERE!! All over the floor, ceiling, walls, reception tables, everything!


The workers where frantically trying to clean the place up as people where to arrive in 10 minutes. In the end they were able to do a fairly good job, however the place smelled of chocolate (which is not a bad thing IMO).


The only thought that went through my mind was OMG, can you imagine if all the guests, plus the bride in her white dress had of been in there when that happened? Everyone covered in Chocolate!

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