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So after having a shitty night of getting ditched by my cousin and her homies, I come home in a pissy ass mood. DH is working a late event so I decide to kill some time on good ol' BDW. I then decided it would be in my best interest if I check my email too.


So the photog replied and said she is downloading my pics tomorrow for viewing. EEEEEEEEEEE (that's my excited wail- you all should be joining in now.) What a great way to end a night!


BTW, Elizabeth Lloyd told me she is having issues with her email and she is not happy about it since it's making her look like she's not responding. So if you have contacted her lately and are still waiting for a response, shoot her another email again.


Back to celebration- thewave.gifthewave.gifthewave.gif


See ya all sometime Saturday! I will post the pics ASAP!

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Suh-weeet!!!!! That's so exciting!


Now... where ARE THEY??

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