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Hey ladies...I would love your help. My shop has been nominated for the Northwest People's Picks awards. Last year I came in 2nd in 2 categories. (Jewelry shop and vintage boutique). This year they changed the categories a little, but I'm still up for the Best Jewelry shop. (nominations have not been listed for antique catagory yet)I would love a vote!


People's Picks 2008 | NWsource


You can vote upto once a day from each computer...so vote often!


My shop is Lil'Paisley...just like my name.





ban02.gifMods - if this post is not accepted, please let me know. I couldn't find anything that fit it in the rules. Thanks

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Thanks everyonje who voted (doesn't matter if you are in the NW or not) a little business like mine can really use the free advertising that comes from winning this contest.


Remember...you can vote daily.


Thanks Again!!!

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