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3 Weddings..1 day.. CONFLICT??

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#1 RastaBride

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    Posted 02 May 2008 - 08:20 PM

    So... My wedding is scheduled for Aug 30, 2008 (about 4 months away)... about 40 guests scheduled to attend.

    I have found out so many options for weddings receptions/ceremony/photography etc ..... on this website, it has given me such comfort/stress relief reading all the reviews and pictures! I cannot describe in words what this forum is worth..

    Does anyone know how far in advance one has to reserve rehearsal dinners, reception options, photography…etc. I guess I am a little worried that with two or three other weddings scheduled for the same day there might be some overlap in desires for events…
    I would be fine scheduling details when we arrive, but will be disappointed if options are limited due to timing!

    Thanks again,

    #2 stacey


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      Posted 02 May 2008 - 08:25 PM

      Where are you haveing your wedding? Is there a wedding cordinator. If you have a cordintator I would ask her about those things ASAP. If you are doing them on your own then I would also start now. I personally would want to do it now so that I wouldnt have to stress right before the wedding
      Stacey & Ely 10.14.2008

      #3 currier73

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        Posted 02 May 2008 - 11:17 PM

        You might want to not wait too long although you can sometimes get deals if you wait till the last minute. I spoke with a girl who got her photographer for about $200 less b/c she waited until 3 weeks before. It was definitely a risk but if you are on a tight budget, it could be a great reward. Also, depends on the day. If you marry on a mon to thurs, there is more avail. Hope this helps.


        #4 Sharonie

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          Posted 02 May 2008 - 11:39 PM

          Check with your WC to see what your options are (with pics). And if you see anything you like, reserve it. You can always change it again when you get there and get to see with your own eyes. But at least this way you'll have something guaranteed. Just provide the WC your vision of the wedding and they should be trying their best to accomodate you.

          #5 RastaBride

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            Posted 03 May 2008 - 07:54 AM

            Sorry! Failed to mention the wedding location! The wedding is at Riu Ocho Rios. I have also heard that it is difficult to get in touch with the WC there prior to arrival.


            #6 Ellipse22

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              Posted 03 May 2008 - 08:31 AM

              I am freaking out a bit too!

              I emailed Valeria about my wedding (November) asking if she could send pics of flowers etc. and I was told I would receive info about 2-3 months prior to the wedding date.

              I'm not planning on having reception dinners etc. We are going very low budget and simple. I don't even think we will have more than the wedding party (6 ppl) going.

              You can try emailing the WC and see what she says. I'd be interested to see what she has to tell you.

              Side Note: I have to stop reading so much on here because I got so overwhelmed I couldn't sleep. I would make a list of suggestions from here and figure out what you want. Then research..IMO

              Good luck!

              #7 Spazz

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                Posted 03 May 2008 - 08:34 AM

                I think most of the ROR brides were told we couldn't start planning til 2 months before, but none of us could wait that long. I would suggest contacting Chandlyn about your wedding. Yes, it does take her about a week to get back to you, but she will get back to you.

                #8 jamaica08

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                  Posted 03 May 2008 - 12:20 PM

                  I think I read in another thread that you don't have to finalize that stuff until 2-3 months before hand. Although I don't think there are many brides getting married on my day (Nov 13, a thursday) - we decided to put the request in for plantation already... just in case. I think the other things I wouldn't worry so much about since the 3 weddings would be at seperate times so things like the ceremony location wouldn't be a problem. It's the reception things (locations, dj, etc), you know, when they are all happening at the same time that I would worry about a little more.

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