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What Are Your Wedding Colors?!

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I like so many differnent themes that i'm stuck trying to decide on mine! My bridal party is all off white, even my flowers.....Just trying to throw some color out there for everything else!HELP!

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My favorite color is white and I always wanted an all white wedding. I wanted my BM's to wear white as well (even though everyone yells at me when I tell them this). I was just scared to do all white at a beach wedding b/c I was nervous that there would not be enough color. Sarah is also doing all white with some splashes of color. How about adding turquoise or fuschia? Those are bright colors that may give it some kick. I don't know if you read my thread but I was also debating doing a Tiffany (the jewelery store) themed wedding. This way I would use white and the signature aqua blue.



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As Glenda said, I'm also doing the "white wedding" thing, but we are incorporating shades of white, champagne, and khaki and will use accents of red. We just enjoy the beauty of our location so much we don't really want to add alot of extra "stuff".

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I have already bought some OOT fillers that are choc. brown and teal....then yesterday I found some paper photo albums that are hot pink, teal, and lime green polka dots! I'm normally a very whimsical (not afraid of color!I) kinda person anyway...Everyone I know probably expects everything to be hot pink! I guess that I could just do my OOt bags all different colors (tropical) .... Just need to pick something! for the tags, labels, and so on...

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