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Kauai Photographer??

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Can anyone recommend a photographer from Kauai? I've been looking around at a few but it's a bit overwhelming. Our wedding is going to be pretty informal, on the beach actually. Any suggestions?



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Hi Steph,


I have done a lot of research on Hawaii Photographers.

Shawn is amazing and he will fly to Kauai. I have exchanged e-mails with him a few times and he is highly recommended by other photographers and very nice. Another photographer is Kauai Photographer. But from what I have seen of Shawn's work, I prefer Shawn. He does charge a travel fee but most of Oahu's photographers do. Island Echoes is one of the best photographers in Kauai if you are looking for someone local. Another Oahu photographer is RAchel Robertson and her website is Rachel Robertson Photography. Her fees are lower than Shawn and they used to work together and she was recommended to me by Shawn. We are having a legal wedding in Kauai in August and our photographer is from the mainland (CA) and he is great great great! His name is Ed Pingol and their website is San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer. They will travel to Hawaii. Hope that helps!


Best of luck!



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Originally Posted by katieinkauai View Post
I am using Jennifer Prater-Island Echoes. She does BEAUTIFUL pictures. Check out her website and blog. Katie
I agree with Katie! Jennifer is one of the best in Kauai! This is her website: Island Echoes Photography -Kauai Wedding & Portrait Photographer Other great photographers who are not based in Kauai (they are based in Oahu) but also excellent are:

Shawn Starr
Frank Amodo
Rachel Robertson- Rachel Robertson Photography

Hope that helps!


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