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Any RIU Tropical Bay Brides?

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The wedding coordinator, Keneika mentioned we didn't get to choose the bridal bouquet and flowers till we get down there (the one's included in the wedding package that is). Personally, I need everything set in order for me to be sane on the plane down there. The florist Riu uses is Boulevard Florist:




If you email her the bouquet # she will call Boulevard and get a price for you. BEWARE: I requested the price of one of the bridal bouquets, got a price and a week later when I asked her to order them for me Boulevard increased the price by $45. So the prices are not set and can change at any time.


We are having about 50 people including 8 kids. We are not too much of cake people and I believe the cake that is included is for 10 people. We are going to give the cake to the kids. I've also seen comments on the forums that they feed way more than 10. But as for dinner reception - we are doing a semi private (price included) at the grill & steakhouse. We get to choose the main dish, but everyone gets salad and appetizers at the buffet line. I'm sure there will be deserts all over the place too.


Let me know if you have other Q's - I still have tons and have been searching this site for days!! idea.gif

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I know what you mean about the price changing! I got some prices off of their website, and when I sent questions to her and mentioned those prices, she said they weren't updated and they are subject to change! I picked calla lillies and they are $210 and my bridesmaid bouquets are $65. I probably won't go with the cake then since it's probably $200+ (we have kids coming too, so we'll give it to them). Thanks for all your help! Please let us know how it went when you get back! Best wishes!

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Originally Posted by raquelmaddox1 View Post
I have April 17th '09 reserved for RIU Negril. I originally wanted Tropical Bay but I was told that they can not accomodate a private reception, which is what I want. I have to make my decision soon --this is so stressful! I'm worried about making the wrong decision... sad.gif

I'm glad to see that someone else is going to be going through the same things as I am, and around the same time. :)
Take your time and make the right decision for you. There is also Riu Montego Bay opening up this years as well. Could be a possibility :)
On a good note..onced you decide and get booked the stress will be minimal.
Best of luck :)

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