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Official "LOST" Thread (TV Show)

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OK I'm probably wrong then. They must have been flash backs when Dan was watching the news and saw the fake plane crash. Same with Charlotte reading the newspaper.

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Can anyone tell me who the lady is that told Ben he only had 70 hours to get to the island?


What are your time travel theories?


This is from the Lost forums on ABC http://forums.abc.com/n/pfx/forum.as...es&webtag=lost


Time travel the ultimate theory!!!

Submitted by john_locke915 on Jan-20


so how's this?

in the pilot episode, when jack wakes up there is that dark cylinder thing right next to him which is suspiciously like the weapon that ben uses when he wakes up in the desert after time travelling forward ten months. Jack runs straight towards the beach and seems to know exactly where he is going and what to do. Almost as though he has done it before... I think this will be when he has just got back onto the island and is thus ten months or more in the past. So the writers are showing the second return to the island but trying to make us think it is the first time jack has been there. ( Why did Jack seem unfazed when he saw Vincent walking through the jungle and almost act as if he recognised him).


Locke can suddenly walk which leads me to believe that the island is back to a time before he had his accident and before Rose had cancer. Hence them thinking they are "cured".


Other things that suggest the island has gone back in time are that in the trailer we clearly see a man in a haz-mat suit? Who has worn one of them before (The CIA guy Desmond killed in the past or maybe even radzinsky).


The hatch has reformed in the trailer which suggests the island has moved back in time, hence why Farady asks Juliet if there is anything man made that could potentially be used as a constant (something all the members know about).


Also, perhaps the reason that mothers who conceive on the island will die is something to do with the island's time line, i.e. how can you have a baby that would theoretically be born BEFORE you (since the island's time is in the past)


It kind of makes sense that in one of the trailers where we see john locke dead in the coffin he is dead in the "real world" but alive if he gets back to the island, because in doing so he would be transported back in time... to a time before the event leading to his death would have happened.


This kind of justifys why Jack's dad suddenly pops up alive out of his coffin... since he died in the "real world" but when reaching the island he is transported back in time... and so his death actually hasn't happened yet hence why he is all alive and such.


You also hear Jack say in the trailer "if I don't go back they'll all die" this is because once he gets back to the island (this is the pilot episode where the writers are trying to make you think its when Jack crashed in the plane on the island for the first time) he has to make sure events run as they would have done... meaning that he has to be there so he can save all the people he did in the crash so they can go on to do the same things they were meant to do in the first place that lead up to the oceanic 6 being rescued.


I think it is either that Jack has to go back to the island and play out all the things he would have done to get to the point where the oceanic 6 are rescued or that once he arrives back on the island he and the oceanic 6 will be onlookers watching themselves (their back in time selves) play out everything that happens and they have to alter it so certain things don't happen (like charlie dying etc because when charlie is about to get taken by ethan he shouts I WONT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN which coud have a double meaning), like Farraday said once before, you can't let your past self see you're present self or you will end up going insane.... so this could be why a lot of the characters hear "whispering" in the woods, as if their real life present selves who have come back in time are around them whispering to each other trying to figure out what they need to do to change the way things are about to happen.


I think when claire is in the jungle she hears whispering then walt appears or something, could this be walt from the present day trying to alter wat happened in the past (i.e. claire was going to die that day or something) and he is changing the course of events.


I think Jacob is actually locke who was from the present then came back in time to the island, which is why locke appears so frightened of Jacob since he is looking at himself and thinks he's going insane. Although I haven't thought about this much so it doesn't really fit that well, either way, I think it is someone that has come back from the future that would give Locke quite a scare. Maybe this is why Jacob will only see people at certain times and in certain places (ben said you can't just go to Jacob he has to call you) because if they went in search of him it would effectivly change the course of events.

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I read online the woman at the end talking to Ben is the woman Desmond tried to buy the ring from when he time traveled and she told him it's not what he is suppose to do.


I agree with the time travel theory. Very interesting idea about the pilot episode actually being the return flight!

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Oh my goodness - FI and I watched last night and loved it! I never watched before him, so its a fun thing to do together :)


Erin - I love the article thing you posted! I had the same thought about the babies :)


So glad its BACK!

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