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We're back! Our wedding was perfect 22/04/08

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Ya Mon!! Weâ€re back and our wedding was perfect!

We had a great week…The weather was perfect Sunny and 30C everyday. The resort is huge but very nice. The staff is very friendly, food is very good, and resort is very clean.


We got there Saturday night. It was a long day but everything when well at the airport and the transfer also.


We met Chandlyn Monday morning cause sheâ€s not working on Sundays. She is very nice, very professional. It took us less then half an hour to choose everything. There was 4 weddings on Monday and 3 on Tuesday.

Our wedding was at 4 p.m. We took some pictures before the wedding because the water is bluer between 12h and 3h and to make sure we have enough time to take all the pictures that we wanted. My flower was perfect I had mango and cream roses it was worth every penny.


The ceremony: The minister was awesome. He did a great job. Everyone was impress of the ceremony. The only think that when wrong is in the middle of the ceremony the minister was talking about patience and how we have to make our relationship work and all of the sudden we heard a woman yell at her boyfriend or husband and she throw a bottle of beer at him. The bottle felt down and broke in million pieces on half of your guest. But the minister was very good and he calmed down everyone and he make a joke out of it because he was talking about patience.


Dinner: Before leaving I reserved the Mammee Bay for the wedding. Because there was 3 weddings the day of our wedding and we were a big group (41) they moved us at the plantation ….FOR FREE!... I was really happy with that. The plantation is more private and itâ€s bigger. Mammee Bay is also great; I wouldnâ€t hesitate to go there.


Seagrape: Very fun! The men were at the Bar with the bartender the hold 2h30. We dance in the sand it was very fun. The only thing is that Seagrape is just under the stage where all the shows are so we could here the show pretty good from Seagrape. If you bring your own music make sure you have good speakers.


Photograph: We didnâ€t have any problem with Micheal. He called at the room the day of the wedding to ask us if we were interested in is service. I told him that we had family to take picture for us. He said: ok and have a great wedding. He was very professional.


Our wedding day was perfect! I didnâ€t want the day to end and I wouldnâ€t change a thing.


Heidi: I saw Edmond the day of our wedding. We were walking at the room to get some things before going to dinner. I told Iâ€m you said HI and he was so excited. He makes us a special drink also.


Cost: 250$ for the minister, 380$ for Seagreape, 200$ for flowers and 45$ for 3 extra bottle of champagne. 875$


Iâ€m sure Iâ€m forgotten something but if you have any question just asks. I will be more then happy to answer them. I donâ€t have any pictures right now but I will post them as soon as I have them.

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Congatulatons...glad everything went well...can't wait to see the pictures. Did you have a professional photographer or was it truly a family friend?

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I don't have any pics right now but I should have some this week.

Our photograph was my Hubby aunt but she do that on the side.


We also got upgraded to the full suite the last 3 days. We were suposse to have the room only the last 2 days but because of the incident at the ceremony they give us a extra night.

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