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Ever meet someone famous?

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#111 luvtoteachlaw

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    Posted 08 January 2009 - 01:07 AM

    Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tom Ridge (former Director of Homeland Security and PA Govenor) when I worked in security management at a 5 star hotel.

    Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham at a Fleetwood Mac concernt. That was totally the best because I am a HUGE fan!

    #112 Kat81

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      Posted 08 January 2009 - 09:25 PM

      Neriah Davis and I grew up in the same town and went to the same itty bitty high school. She was in play boy a lot and on baywatch and stuff. Her little sister and my cousin dated all through high school. Whenever I go back home and run into her any guy I am with freaks out lol

      #113 Jennifer Davis

      Jennifer Davis
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        Posted 08 January 2009 - 10:18 PM

        I have met:

        Ethan Hawke - on the street in NYC outside the Hard Rock Cafe
        Dave Matthews - at the Saratoga Springs concert in 2002
        John Mayer - at an after party for one of his concerts at Irving Plaza in 2003
        Billy Baldwin - at a college fundraiser (I went to Stony Brook)

        #114 luckygirl

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          Posted 09 January 2009 - 04:12 AM

          Fun revived thread-
          When I was in my 20's and worked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor I met and saw celebs. Lots of baseball, basketball and football players. My favorite was Rick Fox, he was a hottie back in the day.
          Mario Joyner and Chris Rock came into a store I worked in and gave me tickets to their concert and then they partied with us afterwards. Then Mario tried to make the late night bootie call...lol..no happenings! I helped Bo Jackson, remember Bo knows?, with men's silk boxers when I worked in V.S. (this is all in the 90's).
          Brian Boitano (sp?0, a few others I can't remember.
          Mike Tyson,
          was next to Barak O'Bama at a caucus party after he became senator
          Wyclef Jean (very short)
          helped Donna Summers assistant pick out her panties (hehehe)
          chick from Inside Edition, Deborah Norville
          Stevie Wonder
          Randall Cunnigham and other Eagles when I was just out of highschool
          Pharell - met a couple of years ago at a club...my friends could not stop me from saying "he thinks I'm preetttyyyy" (me-buzzed)
          saw Nicole Ritchie while she was preggos but did not look big whatsoever, and Joel Madden. She sat down in a chair next to me, but I didn't care to say anything.
          Theresa Heinz Kerry in Georgetown, swear she was on something
          Dave Chapelle, we talked and he told me his whole itinerary this past summer

          And my all time most favorite ever!!!! George Michael!!!! I didn't meet him, but I got to see him from the front row and I was standing directly in front of him and the tele-prompter (sp?) (I knew his lyrics better than he did!). I smiled and I swear he smiled back. It has been a dream since 1987 to see him up close and it totally happened this summer. Of course he was high, but he can so sang his butt off!

          There's more sightings, but I can't recall the rest.

          Oh~ Genuwine, before he was Genuwine and still living in D.C. He serenaded me in a club and we hung out a couple of times nothing major.

          #115 GracieBebe

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            Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:21 PM

            Here are a few interesting encounters I've had with celebrities:

            1. Back in high school, my school went to a yearly art fair/festival that lasted a week, where the students can participate in workshops, show their art, dance, theater, etc. A different school every year hosted it. Well, my freshman or sophomore year, it was held at a school in Kansas. Robert Kelker Kelly (played Bo on Days of our Lives in the mid-90's) was there hosting a Shakespeare workshop. I was a big fan of Days back then so I participated in the workshop. He also hosted a Theater Combatting workshop so I signed up for that too. He remembered me from the Shakespeare workshop and chose me as a volunteer to demonstrate various ways to fall or throw someone. Well, I'm not that familiar with the moves and on one of them, where I was supposed to fall back and roll over my left shoulder, I didn't turn my head to the side enough and ended up wrenching my neck. Ended up with neck problems for a couple years after that. LOL!

            2. Another celebrity encounter was at a local bar that I used to go to all the time in CT. I'm embarassed to say, I am a big fan of the Backstreet Boys. When they were in town for a performance, AJ (the bad boy) from the band came into the bar with his g/f and his entourage. They came around the time the bar was closing and after the bar kicked everyone when they closed, they let AJ and his group stay after hours. Since I used to go there all the time, they let me and my friend stay too. I bought him a shot (SoCo and Lime) at the bar and played several games of pool with him (my friend and I loved to play pool back then). He was pretty impressed that 2 girls could shoot a decent game. Funny thing though - 2 wks later, he was admitted into rehab for alcohol abuse. I like to say I contributed a small part to his alcohol abuse. Another celeb I met that same night in that same bar was Tony Todd (from Final Destination and other movies). He's a local from Hartford and happened to be out and the bar also let him stay late that night. Another one of my friends ended up going to some after hours club with him that night.

            3. Also got to meet Cameron Mathison (All My Children, Dancing with the Stars) at an airport in Newark (I was layed over there on my way to visit my mom in L.A.). I was the only person who recognized him at our gate. He was with his wife and son, but he was so hot!!! I went up to him and asked him if he was on AMC, and he said yes. Then everyone around me started asking him questions, etc and it was kinda cool.

            4. My most recent celebrity encounter was with Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) a couple Xmas's ago. We went to a friend's holiday party and her husband's best friend's girlfriend's best friend is Jim Parsons. I think I have the link right, LOL!!!!! Anyway, he came to the party with her and a couple other friends. I saw him and nudged FH and said, "OMG, That's Sheldon!!!". He was like No way, why would he be at a Xmas party all the way out in the middle of nowhere, CT? (Our friends have a place in a really small town in CT). I was like, it has to be him! It looks just like him! So I went to our host and asked her if it was him. She said she knew he was on tv but didn't know what show. That confirmed it for me. So I text message another friend cuz Big Bang Theory is her fave show and her fave character is Sheldon and told her he was at the party we were at. She was like NO WAY and that I have to take a picture! So I finally got up the guts to talk to him (cuz I didn't want to disturb him if he was there to have a good time) and asked him if he was really Sheldon and that my friends, FH, and I watch his show every week and if I could take a picture with him. So I got to take a picture with him on FH's camera phone! Lighting wasn't the greatest, but I sent the pic to my friend and she freaked out!!!! It was kinda cool!!!

            Lastly, this didn't happen to me, but one of my friends. She and one of her friends went to a Brian McKnight concert and got to go backstage to hang out. She gave Brian her # and he called her later that night for a bootie call...which she answered!!! She couldn't figure out how to get to his hotel so my BFF was giving her directions as she was driving over there. This was years ago, but I do remember that it happened a couple days right before the Grammys.

            Anyway, that's all that I can remember for now.
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            #116 foxytv

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              Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:33 PM

              Man, so many - b/c of my years in radio and television.

              Pres. Clinton, Garth Brooks, Martine MCBride, Brooks & Dunn, Gretchen Wilson, Tesla, Jeff Gordon & Mark Martin and many other NASCAR drivers, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Charlton Heston ... the list goes on. Gosh, the list goes on but I can't even remember. I need to pull out my old photo albums and make a list!!

              Oh, and John McCain and Tom Selleck...

              #117 KatyKo

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                Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:39 PM

                I think the coolest famous person I ever met was Carol Channing. As a child I LOVED the movie Alice & Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass where Carol Channing played the White Queen. I always thought she was so crazy and beautiful. I met her last year when she was on our local radio program (I work for Charlotte's NPR News/Talk station) and I got to say hello and shake her hand right before she left. She was very nice, but very old and in a hurry to leave

                #118 Debs

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                  Posted 12 January 2009 - 04:52 PM

                  My cousin-in-law is Edge from WWE wrestling (Chris's cousin). So obviously I've met him a few times, but that's it for me. :P He's really.. uh.. tall, and large (and sexy but don't tell Chris I said that!)!

                  #119 laycj18

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                    Posted 13 January 2009 - 11:11 AM

                    Originally Posted by Debs
                    My cousin-in-law is Edge from WWE wrestling (Chris's cousin). So obviously I've met him a few times, but that's it for me. :P He's really.. uh.. tall, and large (and sexy but don't tell Chris I said that!)!
                    WOW - I don't watch WWE anymore but Edge was my fav back in the day!! I always thought he was so hot!

                    #120 SAM

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                      Posted 24 January 2009 - 09:06 PM

                      - Years ago I was working working at a bar and grill and Magic Johnson came in. I asked him if I could get him a drink he said no thanks but can I use your bathroom. LOL

                      -A few years ago my FI friend was in a band with Jason Newstead from Metallica (I think he had just left the band). We went to their show, I met him along with Lars and Kirk who were there in the audience.

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