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My (really, really) big to-do list

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Originally Posted by becks View Post
I've probably e-mailed this to at least 8 people in the last few weeks. And today I did one of these:

smile35.gif Duh! Just post the little monster!

So, for your planning (or amusement at how totally A/R I can be), attached is my 105-item to do list. I set it up so it reminds you about things. When you've got 2-weeks to complete something, it turns yellow, when you've missed your deadline, it turns red.

Pretty easy to use; put your wedding date in cell C1, the rest of the dates are calculated based on 120 days out, 90 days out, etc. If you want to add anything, just insert a row. It won't automatically calculate the deadline, but you can hand-key it into column D.

Also, there are check boxes and tickmarks - they are dingbats - the box is a (lowercase) c, and the tickmarks are a (lowercase) a.

Happy planning!!
wow Rebecca!! You are the best!! Thanks 4 sharing wink.gif

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